The Devil Wears Nike

Lula wasn't born into the nicest family. She had two sisters which despised her, an evil stepmother, and a dad who had disappeared years ago. When her stepmother sends her away to Bangladesh, the only option of money is to work in a sweatshop. She fights and fights for her rights but the only person who listens to her is Amelia, a small girl. But what can she do?


2. The Letter

Josh came into the room. Blaise threw the letters at him and stormed off in disgust because there were not any for her. Josh raised his eyebrows at me and smiled. He really was a great friend. We heard a clip-clopping of stilettos from down the hallway and we saw Araminta, clattering loudly around. She saw the handful of letters in Josh's hand and snatched them off him. She leafed through them all, looking at each one intently. When she came to the last one, she attacked it like her life depended on it and I rolled my eyes at Josh from behind her back. She really was a drama queen.

"Go and put this in the bin, Lula" she hissed at he and handed me the envelope of her letter. I obediently did as she said, trotting off down the hall to find a recycling bin. As I scuttled back into the kitchen, I saw Araminta jumping up and down like she won the lottery. Josh was looking puzzled, so I walked over to him to ask him what was up.

"Hey Josh, what up with Araminta?" I whispered to him. Before he had time to reply, Araminta burst in with a sudden reply.

"Fantastic news, dear!" She exclaimed. Araminta never called me dear, never before in her life, even when Dad was here. I looked at Josh, and he was thinking the exactly same thing as me. "Your airline tickets have arrived!" she yelled.

"Um, what?" I asked. I was so confused. Why would Araminta ever spend money on little old me? Araminta looked at me like she was sorry.

"Didn't I tell you? You are going on a little holiday- to Bangladesh- for life" she squealed. I felt tears forming in my eyes. I wanted to speak, but no words were coming out. "I must tell Blaise and Bella the good news!" she exclaimed and clattered out, into the living room, to tell my stepsisters.

"Lula....." said Josh tentatively, approaching me. I slumped down on the floor. As much as I hated this place, I didn't want to leave.

"Oh Josh" I croaked. In a second he was was by my side, giving me a hug. I suddenly felt that he was more than a friend, although I didn't want to mention that. He hugged me tight, like he never wanted to let go. I didn't even hear Bella come in.

"Ooh, do I hear wedding bells?" she joked, then she saw my face. "Oh my gosh!" she exclaimed, coming over to me. Bella was a friend, as strange as it sounds, when Blaise wasn't around. Bella was the nicer one of the two.

"Lula.... has... to go" said Josh quickly, because he had a lump in his throat. Bella looked as if she might cry and put her arm around me.

"Where are you going, Sis?" she asked, looking at me in the eyes. Bella has magnificent bright blue eyes. My eyes are a sort of light grey, and I can't say I like them much. I felt some of Bella's wispy mousy hair falling over my face. The smell of her shampoo- it made more tears form in my eyes. My hair is platinum blonde and straight and I also have a side fringe, to complete the picture.

"B-b-Bangladesh"I stuttered, finding it difficult to form words in my mouth. Bella clasped her hand to her mouth in utter shock. Her eyes went watery with salty tears. She grabbed Josh's sleeve and wiped her eyes on it. Josh managed to look puzzled for one tiny second, but then went back to being sad. I hated to see Josh looking sad. I knew this was my fault. If I had been a better stepdaughter, I would never have to go away. 

"Right" said Bella suddenly, standing up. "If anyone can change Mum's mind, it's me. I'll do my best for you, Sis. I promise." She walked down the hall and she was gone. I looked at Josh, with a pained expression. Suddenly he was hugging me once more. I knew that Bella would try her hardest. If anyone could change Araminta's mind, it would be her.

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