The Devil Wears Nike

Lula wasn't born into the nicest family. She had two sisters which despised her, an evil stepmother, and a dad who had disappeared years ago. When her stepmother sends her away to Bangladesh, the only option of money is to work in a sweatshop. She fights and fights for her rights but the only person who listens to her is Amelia, a small girl. But what can she do?


1. The Introduction

I wasn't exactly living in the nicest home. Don't get me wrong, it was a beautiful house, with glorious gardens and a giant swimming pool, but I still hated it. My two stepsisters, Bella and Blaise continued to make my life a misery, day after day. To say that they disliked me was purely an understatement. They despised me, as I was that fly on their giant window of life. Blaise was the eldest, at sixteen years of age, then Bella was fifteen, a year older than me. They made me do all of their fair share of house chores, as well as my own. Not that my stepmother, Araminta, complained. She loved her two daughters with all of her heart and it pained her to see them work. So, that's where I come in. Araminta forced me to scrub the surfaces and the floors, making guests amazed at the cleanliness of our house. As usual, Araminta would take all of the credit, say that it was Bella and Blaise's work. I was a slave in my own home.

I had read Cinderella. You could say that I was like her, working until her hands were raw, then a magical coach would come to take her to a ball then she would fall in love with a prince, living happily ever after. When I was younger, I used sit by the window, waiting for that magical coach. I used to look at all the pumpkins in the vegetable patch, wondering when they would turn into a coach. They never did. I gave up dreaming ages ago, I mean, what's the point? I was never going to get a happily ever after, and I just had to accept that.

I still remember the day that Dad left. After my Mum died when giving birth to me, Dad decided to re-marry. He needed a rich wife in order to keep me fed and healthy. So her married Araminta. She was always kind to me when Dad was there, but as soon as he went out, she made me scrub the floor, like a little slave girl. Then the day came when Dad left and never came back. I still look out of the window everyday, hoping that he will return. He never gave up on me, so I am never gave up on him.

"Lula!" Blaise's voice rang out like a bell. As usual, I sprung up from the bench I was sitting on and dashed down to see what she wanted. I was used to taking orders from Blaise. As soon as she turned sixteen, she decided that she should give me orders as well as Araminta. I raced down the stairs to see what she wanted, when I saw Josh outside. Josh was the fifteen year old gardener, and was the only one who was actually nice to me. He cared about me. I waved ecstatically, and he grinned back and me and waved too. When I spotted Blaise in the kitchen, I ran over to her, wondering what she wanted me to scrub this time.

"Go get the mail, worm" she spat at me. I looked at her and she nodded crossly. I trudged over to the front door and picked up a couple of letters. I walked back to Blaise, leafing through them. None for me, surprise, surprise. I tossed them at Blaise and she handed me a dirty scrubbing brush and a pail of water.

"Go scrub the floor or something" she ordered and I scurried off, wondering when this torture would end.

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