Everything About You

Five best friends; Alexis, Chelsea, Addison, Elizabeth and Rebecca have just graduated from high school and are finally free from it all, until the fall when they head off to college.

The girls decide to do something big before they head off for college in the fall; an adventure with plenty of hot guys to gawk at, hopefully. Thanks to Addison’s father, the five best friends are off to the Bahamas for a summer they are never going to forget.

What will happen when the five girls run in to five gorgeous boys of the biggest boy band in the world?

Romance(s) will spark, hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and many secrets will be discovered.


2. Flight to Bahamas

Today is the day; the girls and I are leaving for the Bahamas for the entire summer. Being one who usually sleeps until noon on occasion when school isn’t in session, just like Chelsea, I was one of the first up which was surprising. I guess you could say I’m pretty excited for this trip and wanted to be up early. It is true; I am up early because I am so excited that it is finally here.

As quietly as I can, I slowly and quietly make my way toward my bedroom door that was closed shut. The girls and I fell asleep in my room most likely since we were up super late planning our itinerary while we are in the Bahamas. I grab hold of the brass door handle and turn it. After I pull the door open, I glance over as I hear a soft groan come from Chelsea and Rebecca.

“Sorry girls,” I whisper as I slip out the door and shut it as quietly as I could. I slowly begin to make my way down the stairs. I run a hand through my light brown hair as I walk in to Addison’s kitchen. As I catch a quick glimpse of the clock on the stove, I notice it was only ten minutes past seven o’clock.

I was hungry so I decided to find myself something to eat. I am always hungry and can eat so much that I barely gain any weight by how much I consume. Maybe it’s because I burn it all off by going for a mid-early-morning run with my father every other morning. I go over to the counter and take a few pieces of white bread from a bag and pop them in the toaster.

While I wait for my toast, I make my way over to the fridge and pour myself a cup of orange juice in a small glass that I got from the cabinet above the dishwasher. The sound of the smoke alarm going off startles me a bit as I hear my toast pop up. I had a feeling in my gut that the girls had to be up by now due to the loud noise.

Shit, I mumble under my breath as I put my toast on a paper plate I found lying on the counter. After I butter up my breakfast, I look up to see Addison’s mother walk in to the kitchen.

“M-morning, Alexis – you’re up early,” she says looking at me as a yawn escapes her lips.

“Sorry Mrs. Thompson, I didn’t mean for it to go off – I was hungry,” I mumble as I feel my cheeks flush a bit.

“Don’t worry about it, Alexis, it’s no problem. Call me Jane, sweetie, you’ve known me how long?” she says with a smile. I feel the corners of my lips curve up in to a smile. While I continue to eat my breakfast, we talk quietly and she asks what we were planning to do once we got there. I literally had no clue, but I know we will most likely be exhausted from the flight once we get there.

After I finish up my breakfast, I give Jane a small smile and throw my trash away before I head back up the stairs to Addison’s bedroom. I open the door and walk in to see three of us up – that only meant one thing, Chelsea was still asleep.

“Let me guess, Chels still out of it?” I ask with a smile as I look at the three other girls I’m proud to call my best friends.

“Yup,” Elizabeth says and looks at me.

“Hmm…I wonder…” Rebecca mutters as she rests her thumb and forefinger in the crook of her chin as she thinks.

“What?” Addison asks quietly with a smile.

Rebecca gets up off the edge of Addie’s bed and pulls the curtains open wide, which let the bright sunlight come in to the bedroom. The four of us laugh a bit quietly to ourselves as we hear a muffled groan come from Chelsea. She buried herself deeper in the covers and smashes the pillow over her face to block the incoming light, which resulted in her blond hair being all tangled and messy. It was sticking up in every way possible.

“Up an’ at ‘em, sun shine! Time to get up, Chels!” Addison says a bit louder as she clasps her hands together in a loud manner. This was going to be so much fun – waking up Chelsea, note the sarcasm.

“C’mon Chels! Don’t you have any clue where we’re going today?” Addison asks as she jogs forward and pulls the duvet cover from Chelsea’s body. She had her knees curled up to her chest, and made her look like she was in a ball. Her face was still buried in the pillow.

“Yeah, I know, I know,” she mutters in to the pillow she was grasping in her grip.

“I guess we’ll go without you, then, and you’ll stay here all sum-” Addison gets cut off as Chelsea slowly gets up and scratches her head as she stares at us with tired eyes.

“Fine, I’m up. What time is it, anyways?” she asks as she looks at us to give her an answer.

“Almost seven thirty, I think we need to leave soon so we don’t get there too late before the flight since our flight is supposed to be at 10, right?” Rebecca asks looking at each of us. Two of us nod our heads in response to her question.

Each of us take turns in the shower and put on our clothes we were going to wear on the plane. On a first come first serve basis, whoever wanted to take their shower first got to while we picked out our clothes for the flight. Our bags were all packed and ready to go.

“We all ready to go? I think my mom’s taking us to the airport?” Addison asks as she walks in to her room. Each of us were standing by our respective bags. We were all showered, clean and ready to go. This was exciting, I couldn’t wait. I wore a shirt that read PINK in big white letters on a light blue shirt with denim shorts and sparkly silver pair of TOMS.

“Let’s get this party started! Atlantis, here we come baby!” Rebecca yells a bit loudly with excitement, putting her hands up in the air.

“Keep it down, Bec, I think Cassie’s asleep, I think she got home late from being out with her boyfriend.” Addison says in a hushed tone.

“Since when do you care about your sister? She’s in college, Addie, she’s not in high school anymore,” she mutters with a chuckle as we head down the stairs with each of our bags tight in our grip.

“I don’t know, I just do,” she mumbles as we walk in to the main room of Addison’s house and drop our bags by the door.

“Mom!” Addison calls out for her mother who is supposed to take us to the airport since her dad was already at work.

“In the kitchen, sweetie,” she calls back as she heads off in to the kitchen to tell her that we were ready to go. A few minutes later, Addison walks back in to the room, her mother following suit. She wore a simple white shirt with sweats and tennis shoes.

“You all ready to go?” she asks with a warm smile as she looks at each of us. We all nod our heads eagerly in response. The five of us were so stoked to be going on this trip together. It was going to be great, I could tell.

“Let me go grab the keys and then we’ll be on our way,” she says before turning on her heel to go grab the keys to her car. We follow her mom outside with our bags that we were dragging behind us.

Thankfully, her mother had a big enough car to hold all of our bags, since we were taking practically almost our whole closets since we’ll be there for the entire summer. It was a brand new Ford Escape in royal blue. I always loved that color for a car, it was so pretty.

It takes us a good ten-fifteen minutes to get our bags in the car. After we get our bags in the car, we climb in and were on our way to LAX. The girls and I ramble on and on about what we are going to do when we get there on the way to the airport.

Before we know it, we arrive. Addison’s mom parks her car in the underground parking lot that is right next to the airport. We successfully get our bags out and made our way in to the airport. The line wasn’t too long for us to wait to check our bags in. The five of us had two suitcases each along with a carryon we were bringing with us on the plane.

There was only one of us who had to pay a little bit over due to how much she had in her suitcase. It was Chelsea, the four of us shared a laugh because she couldn’t decide on which swim suits to bring. The easiest thing was for her just to bring all of her favorite ones.

“You all have your tickets, right?” Jane, Addison’s mother, asks as we stand there in front of the Security check point.

“Yes ma’am,” we respond together in unison.

“Good, I’m glad,” she responds with a laugh.

“I hope you girls have fun, be safe!” Jane says as she pulls Addison in her arms.

“We will, Mrs. Thompson!” we tell her as she hugs each of us tightly. I shrug my backpack on my shoulders before we head over and get in the line for the Security check point. It takes less than an hour to get through security. The girls and I thought it would take longer but it didn’t. Good thing we had things to keep ourselves busy until they called for our flight.

Louis, Niall and I were the only ones up. We were just waiting for Zayn and Harry to get their lazy arses up. Thank God our flight doesn’t leave for another two hours or so. Niall was up a while before Louis and I. Figured because why else would the pantry be left wide open? We were trying to think of ways to waste some time since Zayn and Harry were still asleep. If we wait too much longer, we may miss our flight.

Louis and Niall were beginning to get bored of just sitting and waiting for them to wake up. Louis goes over and finds an empty bucket and fills it fully to the brim of freezing cold water. I have a feeling this will end badly, but have to admit, it was going to be hilarious. Harry isn’t a pleasant person to have to wake up, especially if we have an interview or something. He’s a lazy bum.

Niall helps Louis carry it in to Harry’s room he was sharing with Zayn. “Three…two…go!” Louis yells a bit loudly. The water goes all over Harry. He soon springs up quickly, eyes wide and glaring at Louis who held the empty bucket.

“I hate you, Lou,” Harry grumbles as he rolls out of bed. I stood in the doorway and snickered a bit. At least he was in his boxers, thankfully, even though we’ve all caught a glimpse of him without them on before. It was just a bit too early for that right now.

“Morning to you too, Hazza,” Louis says with a chuckle as Harry grabs a pair of clothes before he heads to the bathroom for his shower. I hear the water turn on so it was going to be a while since he likes to take long showers. Lastly, we had to wake up Zayn. This should be fun.

“Zayn! Mate, time to wake up!” Niall goes over and jumps up on the bed. I go over and join him.

“Time to wake up, mate!” I mutter a bit loudly as I feel the bed sink a bit lower. All we got out of him was a groan.

“Come on, Bradford boy! Harry’s already up so if you don’t get up, I guess we’ll leave without you,” Louis said as he bent down and poked his cheek with his finger.

He swats it away and groans as he sits up, which resulted in Niall, Louis and I falling on our arses off the bed to the floor. At least the floors in the bedrooms were carpeted unlike the rest of the flat that was wood flooring.

“Alright, I’m up, Louis, I’m up,” he says as he gets up and grabs some clothes to wear before he heads down the stairs to the bathroom down stairs since the other one was in use since Harry was in there.

Niall, Louis and I get up and make our way down to the living room. Louis grabs the remote and turns the telly on before he begins to flip through the channels to find something to watch. There wasn’t anything so he turned it off.

“C’mon Harry! You almost done, mate?!” Louis asks toward the stairs. There was silence for a few minutes before a reply was heard.

“Yes! I’m done, Louis,” he says as we notice him walking in to the living room in some jeans and a shirt along with his Converse All-stars.

“What time do we have to be there? When does our flight leave?” Harry asks.

“We have to be there an hour before I think, if we leave now, we’ll be there with just enough time, Haz,” I tell him and pat his shoulder as I glance up to see Zayn finally walking in to the room. He was wearing a black shirt with jeans and Nike shoes.

“I think it leaves at ten o’clock,” Louis speaks up. I pull out my phone and check the time; it was five minutes past eight o’clock.

“What leaves at ten?” Zayn asks looking at us his brows furrowed in confusion as he looks at me and Louis.

“Our flight from Heathrow to the Bahamas, Zayn; weren’t you listening?” Louis questions him with a slight chuckle.

“No, I just came in here since I just got out of the shower,” he says and rolls his eyes.

“Maybe we should head out soon, then,” Harry says and looks at all of us.

“I think we should, because we don’t want to miss our flight to the Bahamas, do we, lads?” Niall interjects.

“We should, Bahamas, here we come! And a ton of beautiful lasses, I’m ready,” Harry says earning a chuckle from Louis and Niall.

“Well then, let’s get going then,” I say as I go over and grab my luggage. The lads follow behind me and grab their bags.

“We all have everything? Plus our tickets, those are most important, mates,” I double check and look at each of them. The four of them nod back in response.

“I’ll call Paul and see if he can drop us off at the airport,” Harry says and pulls out his phone. After he types in a few things, he puts it up to his ear. He puts it back in his pocket a few minutes later and glances back up at us.

“He’s on his way,” he says.

“Alright,” I say as we wait for Paul to get there and glance out the window.

He arrives a few minutes later and takes our bags and puts them in the back of his car. The boys and I all get in and he drives us to the airport. We arrive and he drops us off. It takes us a good ten to fifteen minutes to get our bags from the back.

After we bid Paul goodbye, we go in and check our bags. Surprisingly, no one took notice of us since there was barely anyone in the airport due to it being early in the morning. Harry had to pay a little over for his luggage since his was a bit over the weight limit.

After we check our bags in successfully, we make our way toward the security check point. It doesn’t take too long for us to get through security, about twenty minutes or so. I had a feeling that this summer was going to be awesome with my best mates beside me.

Since my difficult breakup with Danielle a few months ago, I think since it is summer, I am ready to find someone better because it didn’t end well between us. I’m sure there’s someone perfect and right out there for me somewhere. I hope I find her soon. It would be great; I have a strong feeling that I might find someone better than she did in the end. I sure hope I was right.

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