Everything About You

Five best friends; Alexis, Chelsea, Addison, Elizabeth and Rebecca have just graduated from high school and are finally free from it all, until the fall when they head off to college.

The girls decide to do something big before they head off for college in the fall; an adventure with plenty of hot guys to gawk at, hopefully. Thanks to Addison’s father, the five best friends are off to the Bahamas for a summer they are never going to forget.

What will happen when the five girls run in to five gorgeous boys of the biggest boy band in the world?

Romance(s) will spark, hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and many secrets will be discovered.


7. Breakfast & Surfing

The next morning, after the party we all went to the night before, I was the first one to wake up, again. I was hungry and wanted some food and I knew just the place to find it, downstairs where they serve it fresh for guests. Thank god it was a buffet I heard so I could have as much as I wanted. I slip out of my bed and make my way over to the desk so I could leave the girls a note telling them where I was. As I look at the time on my phone, I noticed it was 8:45.

After I write it out and tell them I’d be down getting breakfast, I set it on the desk before I go over to my suitcase so I could find what I should wear for the day. I decide on some jean shorts and a tank top before I grab the clothes and take them in the bathroom with me so I could take a shower. I finish up in the shower about fifteen minutes later. I get out and grab a towel from the counter beside the sink and dry my body off before I put on my undergarments and then finish off with my outfit.

I finish getting ready in about five minutes. My teeth were brushed and my hair was styled how I wanted it. I make my way over to my bag and pull out a pair of my favorite gladiator sandals and put them on. After I get my shoes on, I go over and grab one of the key cards to the room along with my phone before I head toward the door.

I pull open the heavy door and walk out into the hall way and let it shut behind me before I begin to make my way down the hall to the elevator. Once I walk into the elevator, I press the button for the lobby. It dings when I made it to the lobby. I step off the elevator and begin to follow the amazing smell of freshly made bacon and eggs as made its way up my nose. My mouth was watering at the smell of it, I was starving.

As I make my way into where they were serving the breakfast, I am quite surprised to see Chelsea sitting and talking with a very good-looking curly-haired boy. What was she doing up early, before me, even? She is never up early and has always been known to be the one who sleeps in late all the time she can. I’m sure it had something to do with this boy who was sitting with her. He was cute too with wild curls and green eyes and a wide smile which showed off his dimples. He is definitely her type; she’s always loved guys with dimples and curly hair.

“Sorry to interrupt but can I steal Chelsea away for a minute?” I ask looking at the boy with a polite smile. He gives me a swift nod as I grab hold of her arm and drag her over out of hearing range from whoever the guy is she was sitting with.

“What was that for, Lex?” she questions, her eyebrows raised and her arms crossed over her chest.

“Who’s the guy you were with – he’s cute, Chels! You like him, don’t you?” I question her with a smirk.

“His name’s Harry,” she replies back with a smile as I can’t help but notice her cheeks darken a shade of red when she said his name. I smiled brightly at her. Awe! My best friend likes him! I think to myself as I look at the blond girl who stood next to me.

After a few minutes, Chelsea and I make our way back into the place where they were currently serving breakfast. I tell her I’d be right back so I could get my food, I was starving. It took a few minutes but I finally covered my plate with scrambled eggs, bacon, two pieces of toast and a glass of orange juice from the drink dispenser where they had other kinds as well. Once I was satisfied, I made my way over to where Chelsea sat with “Harry” or whoever she claimed he was.

“Sorry about earlier,” I say as I look over at him, a small smile on my lips.

“Its fine, love,” he replies back in a thick British accent. Have to admit, I have always found it extremely attractive when boys have accents. Boys and accents, I can’t control myself especially if they are good-looking.

“I’m Harry, and you are…?” he questions with a smile. There was silence between the three of us. I grab my fork and take a few bites of my food and chew it up and then swallow, to be polite, before I opened my mouth to speak again.

“Alexis,” I tell him and give him a smile in return.

He gives me a smile before glancing over and yelling something that sounded like ‘Neil’, I think, and waves his friend over. Whoever his friend was, he had blond hair with very dark roots that were visible and a beautiful pair of ocean blue eyes.

“Hey Harry, who’s your –” I felt my cheeks heat up a bit as the blue eyed boy looked at me. He had a different accent from Harry’s; I just couldn’t place where he was from. Another place in the UK, I bet, most likely.

“I-I’m Niall, loves, it’s nice to meet you,” he tells us and gives me a smile before going over and getting himself some food because I heard him mumble some nonsense under his breath about food just before he made his way over to the food station. When the blonde boy ‘Neil’ or whatever his name is came back, Harry pipes up toward his friend.

“Niall, I think I’ve found someone who can eat just as much as you, maybe even more,” Harry says with a chuckle and looks at him before glancing at me. The blond boy looks at me with a smile before opening his mouth to speak.

“See ya do, now, love,” he muttered with a smile as he looks at me. I can’t help but feel my cheeks heat up at his statement. I had no idea what was happening, I just met the boy and feel like I’ve known him for ages.

“What kind of name is Neil?” I ask in all honesty as I glance over at the boy who was seated next to Harry.

All he does is let out a loud chuckle before opening his mouth to speak, “It’s Niall, babe, like the Nile River. What about you, love? Tell me about yourself…” he says and laughs. As he spoke, I noticed he had braces.

“Well, my names Alexis, I’m nineteen, from California, born and raised, uh… I have two younger sisters who are identical twins, my favorite color is purple, sleeping is one of my favorites, I love food – if you couldn’t already tell, music is everything to me and I want to go to college and pursue it as a career and hopefully become the next big music producer like Simon Cowell, maybe, I don’t know…what else do you want to know?” I question with a smile.

For the next few twenty minutes to half hour, we get to know each other. Chelsea went off with Harry and said they were going to get ready to go swimming or something. It was nice and he seemed like a really genuine guy in my book, that is. I learned he was from Ireland, which I thought was really awesome since guys with accents are too sexy for words. He is nineteen and he said he loved music and singing and that he can play the guitar, which is one of the instruments I haven’t played on, I’ve only ever played a piano. But it would be really cool and fun to learn, especially if he was the teacher. He even said he is here with his friends for the summer for a break – whatever that meant – and to have fun. My friends and I all did the same, except we decided to do this so we could have some big fun before we leave for college in the fall. Not to sound totally creepy, but I could totally see myself with someone like him.

“Are you coming with us, Li?” I look up from where I sat on my in our room, my laptop resting in my lap as I went through my feed on Twitter and checked my mentions, to see if I had gotten anything from fans that spotted we were here yet. There was none. Harry stood in the doorway wearing a white shirt and some board shorts and sandals on his feet.

“Sure mate,” I tell him as I set my Macbook off to the side before I get up and grab my swim trunks so I could change in to them.

After I changed in to them, I grab my phone before Harry and I were on our way. We were going to meet up with Chelsea, a girl Harry met when we went to that party a few days ago, yesterday, in fact. I could tell they were becoming close and I knew Harry must’ve liked her or he never would’ve if he didn’t have eyes for her. We were all going to get some surfing lessons from someone who is supposedly really good. I’m excited; this is something I have always wanted to do.

“She’s bringing one of her friends along too, Li,” Harry says looking at me wiggling his eyebrows.

I can’t help but let out a laugh at his face. As he said that, I couldn’t help but wonder what she looked like. We stood there and waited for a few more minutes before I knew he must’ve spotted them, waving them over to where we stood. Two girls walked up to where we were waiting for them. The blond, who I’m guessing had to be Chelsea, was in a tight embrace by Harry. They soon pull away.

“Liam, this is Chelsea and her friend, Elizabeth?” he introduces me to Chelsea first.

I smile and give her a nice hug, in a friendly way of course. As we part from the hug, that is when I notice the beautiful dark haired girl who stood beside Chelsea, a small smile on her lips. She nods in response to Harry who guessed her name, thankfully getting it right. I didn’t even realize my mouth was open until Harry nudges me in the side. Elizabeth was the prettiest girl I have ever seen. She was beautiful.

“I’m L-Liam,” I mutter as I stare at her in awe of her beauty. I didn’t want to take my eyes off her, her blue eyes with speckles of green mixed in, and her tan sun-kissed skin.

“Elizabeth,” she says with a smile.

On the way over to where we were meeting our surf instructor we talked and got to know each other. Chelsea and Harry were lost in their own conversation talking animatedly to each other, which was quite comedic to watch as Elizabeth and I were slowly trailing behind the two, who were way ahead of us, by the way.

We soon arrive at the beach where we were going to meet up with the surf instructor. Next thing we know, a sandy-colored hair boy with wavy hair comes up to us, a surf board on his side that he was holding onto. His hair reminded me of how I used to have mine, when it was longer.

“Hey there, I’m Luke, and I’ll be your instructor for the day,” he said with a bright smile, showing off perfectly straight white teeth.

“Let’s get you all suited up in these here wetsuits then I’ll begin teaching you guys how to catch some waves,” he said and pointed to the wetsuits he was holding in his hands.

We all begin to take our clothes off so we can replace them with the wetsuits over our swim-suit clad bodies. I couldn’t help but stare at Elizabeth as she pulled off her tank top she wore to reveal a strapless bikini top in a teal blue color. Her hair was blowing in the nice breeze. It went really well against her tan skin. I couldn’t help but let my eyes take in her beauty as she pulled off her shorts to reveal matching bottoms that hung low on her hips.

“S-sorry,” I mumble when I realize I was staring.

“Its fine,” she mutters with a smile as she looked at me.

I look down and realized that she must’ve been checking me out too. I did have a nice-looking chest, I’ll admit. Working out is great, I love doing it to keep my chest nice and solid, especially when we go out on tour. I had a feeling today was going to be great since I am finally going to learn how to surf and I’ll get to spend it with my friends, well Harry, his new friend, Chelsea and my new friend, Elizabeth.

With Elizabeth, I knew I could be myself and didn’t have to act a certain way. She treated me like a normal teenage boy who was in the Bahamas on vacation with his best friends. I didn’t want to tell her just yet, I wanted to wait a while. Being with Elizabeth, things were easy and fun. She is definitely the type of girl I’m looking for. I’m ready to move on from Danielle and I think Elizabeth might be the reason I can move on. It made me happy that I might actually have a chance to start over with her and make new memories.

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