The haunted house

Hey guys! I posted this fanfic before but i couldn't log in -.- so i will post it again and it's about some friends trying to escape their stressful lives and spend halloween in a haunted house but they'll be fighting for their lives...


10. Chapter Ten

Zayn'sp.o.v: I can't believe it,i really can't.Harry?My best friend have been killed with an awful way! I'm not ready to lose another friend! i wanna get out of here! I regret being excited about the holloween night!this is a disaster!!!   I turned to the corner and there.  My heart droped and seemed to turn cold as stone and shatter as it fell to the ground i was crying my eyes out! Harry and i were really close.I can't believe i lost him...forever. I could see that everyone was sobbing heavily  we walked downstairs in shock  ''I wanna get out of here!'' Eleanor said crying ''Mee too!'' Sarrah exclaimed  ''LET'S JUST RING THE POLICE AND EXPLAIN THEM EVERYTHING'' i yelled '' THEY WON'T BELIEVE US! FORGET ABOUT THE POLICE!'' Louis yelled back messin his hair Louis'P.O.V: I was in shock,my emotions were all over! my very bestfriend Harry have been killed I've known harry for very long time we were really close.I'm still in shock all what i'm thinking about is getting out of here.the others weren't at home,they went out to buy some stuff so only my girlfriend and i were alone. i was so uncomfortable,i felt something bad is gonna happen. Harry's dead body was still there i decided to cover it ,i rushed upstairs to get a blanket but something cought my attention.. a note was on the top of stairs says : ''You want your girlfriend to be safe? then,help me to kill the blonde dude and his girlfriend tonight or else you have to say goodbye to your  girlfriend too..''  WHAT?! He wants me to help him to kill Niall and Nawel? NO!  ''ILL PROTECT MY GIRLFRIEND NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! I WILL NOT HELP YOU TO KILL ANYONE  JERK! YOU'RE SICK IN THE MIND!!!'' i yelled without thinking that Eleanor will hear me ''What's going on,babe?'' Eleanor asked looking at me worriedly I put the note into my back pocket and hugged her ''Nothing babe..everything is.. alright..'' i replied kissing her forehead  ''Hope so..'' she mumbled  Mike's P.O.V: I was watching them and iheard what that young man said .. he'll regret it,I SWEAR. as the rest weren't there i'll take the chance to kill the girl or maybe both of them... Eleanor's P.O.V.: I know that something's going on,why he Yelled ? was he talking to someone? I was really curious. Louis and i were sitting in the living room.He was texting Zayn while i couldn't stop thinking about the reason that made him yell.Suddenlly,i could hear footstep coming our way.. ''L-Lou-uis..'' I mumbled pointing at the old creepy  man who suddebly showed up infront of us.

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