The haunted house

Hey guys! I posted this fanfic before but i couldn't log in -.- so i will post it again and it's about some friends trying to escape their stressful lives and spend halloween in a haunted house but they'll be fighting for their lives...


7. Chapter Seven




It was costumes time !

Everyone already got their costumes.Eleanor and Dani did our makeup and then we were ready to go out meet some friends then go back to spend the rest of the night in the creepy house…

**2hours later**

Everyone is here..we were ready to spend the night in the creepy house..

But as we entered the house there was a HUGE surprise …

Theere was something written on the wall and it was ‘’BE AWARE !’’

‘’Be aware ? what that supossed to mean huh ? and who wrote this ???’’ Louis shouted

‘’ hey guys,Does any of your friends know we’re spending the halloween here ??’’ Liam asked looking at us

‘’No..’’ harry said ‘’what about you guys’’ he added

we shook our heads left to right..

I started feeling scared, i hugged Niall and burried my head in his neck..

‘’this is creepy..’’ Eleanor said worriedly

we're being threatened by a murderer …
we decided to sleep all together in a room
we went upstairs to the empty hallway and we walked into a big room..the door creaks
as i step inside i feel a cold breeze
No light, only the small crack from a boarded up window. I was really scared..The rest walked in and i got brave and did the same.. we got our places
There was a high window that is unreachable, it keeps slamming because of the wind, sooo annoying but creeping me out… i hugged Niall and felt safe..


Hey guysss! I think it's time for something to happen o.o Don't forget to comment what you think ;) ILY all xoxo

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