The haunted house

Hey guys! I posted this fanfic before but i couldn't log in -.- so i will post it again and it's about some friends trying to escape their stressful lives and spend halloween in a haunted house but they'll be fighting for their lives...


1. Chapter One



I gotta feeling that this week gonna be fun.well,the fact that me,my bestfriends and my lovely boyfriend (niall) are going to spend halloween in the haunted house nearby the forest is just awesome.
*knock knock* there was a knock on the door..
‘’omg ! they’re here’’ I said as i opened the door and as i expected,i was standing infront of Sarrah,eleanor,danielle,zayn, Tatiana,louis,Liam,Harry,aaaand Nialler my lovely boyfriend !
You have no idea how happy i was.
‘’Hey what’s uu-‘’ i started as Nialler interruped me by hugging me tightly and kissing my lips softly,I Kissed him back as the rest entered to the living room..
‘’GIVE ME BACK MY PURSE LOUIS’’ eleanor yelled chasing louis because he stole her purse
Oh..louis is being childish again gosh ! .. this couple is driving me crazzyy !
‘’Louis,just give her back her purse’’ Danielle yells.
‘’NEVEEEEER AHAHAHA’’ Louis yelled back
‘’oh c’mon Louis we don’t have time we have to go now give her back her purse and stop it !!! ‘’ Harry shouted,He seemed mad ..
‘’Calm down mate i was just messin’ around ahaha’’ Louis said as he gave eleanor her purse back and kissed her lips playfuly
‘’Hey guys ! shall we go now ? ‘’ Zayn asked
‘’YEAAAH ! or it will be late ’’ Sarrah said
‘’hey guys..umm.. i really have bad feelings about going’’ Tatiana said with very worried voice
‘’I think we’ve got chicken hereee ahahahaha’’ I said as everyone laughed
‘’c’mon babe i’m here for you okay ? don’t be scared i’ll protect you’’ Harry said as he hugged Tatiana and she seemed more comfortable after harry’s hug
Everyone took their stuff and i grabbed my little bag which Niall gave it to me in our 1st year anniversairy it actually was the best gift ever.
We walked out the house and went to the car but Niall interruped us..
‘’Sorry guys but i need to bring my oreos i forgot it inside just give me one mintue’’ He said as he run inside the house to bring his oreoos..Niall and food.. a long long love story that have no end xD
‘’He’s alwaaaays eating.gosh.’’ Danielle said
‘’Just lik his girlfriend’’ Liam joked and everyone looked at me and started laughing
Niall is here finally !
‘’get in the car niall HURRY !’’ Liam said annoyed
Everyone were in the car and we decided that Liam gonna drive !
We put music on and had really really good time in the car together .. Zayn and sarrah spent the most of time Kissing,Tatiana and harry were hugging each other,Danielle and liam talking and singing along with every song,Louis and el joking all the way and of cours Niall and i ate almost the whole food …
*After almost one hour*
Niall looked out of the window and yelled ‘’LOOK THE HAUNTED HOUSE !!’’

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