The haunted house

Hey guys! I posted this fanfic before but i couldn't log in -.- so i will post it again and it's about some friends trying to escape their stressful lives and spend halloween in a haunted house but they'll be fighting for their lives...


4. Chapter Four



Everyone was tired ..

‘’Guys..I’m sleepy..’’ Niall yawned

‘’Mee too..’’ Tatiana replied

‘’ i think we should go to sleep guys tomorrow is halloween and we’ll have to prepare everything for the scary niiiight’’ Zayn said evilly

‘’erm.. i’m already scared’’ I mumbled

We decided to sleep in the living room tonight and we’ll descovre the house tomorrow.

Everyone get their places …

All the lights were off, apart from one at the very top on the left..I looked at Niall’s face sleeping right next to me and thought ‘He’s such an angel’ i smiled and caressed his hair,I was actually trying to ignore the fear i’m feeling and thank god  i fell asleep and nothing happened that night..

**morning after**

I woke up to a sweet voice whishpering in my ear..’’Wake up sweetie..’’

I opened my eyes and saw Niall smiling and looking straight into my eyes..

‘’Morning babe’’ i wishpered as i kissed his lips

Everyone were already awake.Niall told me that Liam and Dani went out to buy some food with El and lou.Sarrah and zayn also went to buy some stuff..

So only me,Niall,Tatiana and Harry were in the creepy house…

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