The haunted house

Hey guys! I posted this fanfic before but i couldn't log in -.- so i will post it again and it's about some friends trying to escape their stressful lives and spend halloween in a haunted house but they'll be fighting for their lives...


8. Chapter Eight

I was cuddled up with Harry but i heard some footsteps outside of the room..I opened my eyes but i thought it was one of girls went to the bathroom or something so i wanted to freak them out i walked out of the room and looked around but i couldn’t clearly see because of darkness Sunddenly…Someone grabbed my wrist..I went to scream but he shoved something into my mouth..
And whispered in my ear ‘’It’s your turn darlin’’… then everything went black
**Mike’s P.O.V. **
After almost 4years..i decided to check my house again .I was sure that everyone forgot about me in that town but i found those kids in it, how could they enter my house ! They’ll regret it,Yes they will..
As that young lady was the only and first one who heard my footsteps i stapped her in the heart and watched her body as it fells on the ground then put the knife back into my pocket
I grabbed her leg and pulled her back into the room and I rushed out as quickly as I possibly

**The morning after**

-Sarrah’s P.O.V.-

I woke up and noticed that the door was open, Suddenly a disgraceful stench reached my nose I turned around and saw Tatiana covered in blood.I screamed alarming Danielle, who when she noticed also gave a massive scream. The rest  were still asleep, we both rushed over and started shaking each one of them until they woke up..Zayn had just thrown up, eleanor was tearing up,Niall was still half asleep  not to realise what was going on, Louis was shocked and well me and Danielle were trying to wake Harry  and the rest up.
“What!”Harry  exclaimed,”Why have you got me up!?”
“Look,”i frowned as i pointed at Tatiana’s dead body. He burst out in tears rushing over to her screaming ‘’YOU CAN’T BE DEAD !!!!!!! WAKE UPP !!’’  but she already left us…….


Sorry guys it's a short chapter but i hope you like it;) Please comment.I would like to know what you think of

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