Tour With Harry

Hi I'm Hannah Styles, yes Hannah Styles Harry Styles twin sister. Not many people know me but that's all about to change. I am nothing like Harry at all. He has curly brown hair green eyes and a raspy voice, I have straight blond hair blue eyes and a light voice. Some people think that we can't possibly be related oh but trust me we are. Harry's band mates and I are all close so it's no shocker when I get asked to go on tour with them, but it is a shocker when me and Niall become a little closer then friends.



7. Tour Scam

Hannah's P.O.V


we got to the hotel and the guys huddled up then screamed suprise! "SUPRISE theres no tour we just brought you here to hang out for a while or maybe move here with us and well quit the band" they all said happily. WHAT REALLY ID LOVE TO BUT WHAT! i screamed. "we quit one direction and moved here" HArry said. well um ok lets get this party started! i screamed. there was only one room for us all but it had seven rooms four bathrooms three family rooms and a huge kitchen. we all chose are rooms changed and went to the pool.



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