Tour With Harry

Hi I'm Hannah Styles, yes Hannah Styles Harry Styles twin sister. Not many people know me but that's all about to change. I am nothing like Harry at all. He has curly brown hair green eyes and a raspy voice, I have straight blond hair blue eyes and a light voice. Some people think that we can't possibly be related oh but trust me we are. Harry's band mates and I are all close so it's no shocker when I get asked to go on tour with them, but it is a shocker when me and Niall become a little closer then friends.



6. The plane

Niall's P.O.V


Finally, i mumbled. we were on our plane for a seven hour flight to China and we all were mireable. I sat with Hannah Harry sat with Louis and Zayn sat with Liam. Hannah got up changed into these One Direction footy PJs and came back curled up next to me and fell asleep. A few hours later everyone was asleep except me, i got out my laptop put in headhones and watched a Fred movie, I must've laughed alot because Hannah woke up lay her head on my shoulder and watched with me.

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