Tour With Harry

Hi I'm Hannah Styles, yes Hannah Styles Harry Styles twin sister. Not many people know me but that's all about to change. I am nothing like Harry at all. He has curly brown hair green eyes and a raspy voice, I have straight blond hair blue eyes and a light voice. Some people think that we can't possibly be related oh but trust me we are. Harry's band mates and I are all close so it's no shocker when I get asked to go on tour with them, but it is a shocker when me and Niall become a little closer then friends.



3. The Movie

Hannah's P.O.V


The guys chose to watch the scariest movie ever and i was pissed off about that ecspecially since Harry knows I hate scary movies, but I said yes because I could cuddle with Niall and nobody would question us, SCORE! The movie started and i got scared right away. About 45 minutes passed and Harry Louis and Liam were asleep, Zayn loved this movie to much to sleep and Niall well he just loves holding me. The movie ended and Zayn had fallen asleep so me and Niall put in head phones and watched a spongebob movie. I started to doze off and my eyes closed. Niall thought I was sleeping planted a kiss on my cheek got up and changed.





*****AUTHORS NOTE*******

hi sorry this chapter is short i couldn't think of anything but it will get better

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