Tour With Harry

Hi I'm Hannah Styles, yes Hannah Styles Harry Styles twin sister. Not many people know me but that's all about to change. I am nothing like Harry at all. He has curly brown hair green eyes and a raspy voice, I have straight blond hair blue eyes and a light voice. Some people think that we can't possibly be related oh but trust me we are. Harry's band mates and I are all close so it's no shocker when I get asked to go on tour with them, but it is a shocker when me and Niall become a little closer then friends.



2. The Airport

Hannah's P.O.V


     LIAM PUT ME DOWN!!!!!! I screamed at him as he lifted me over his shoulders running through the crowd in a full batman suit with a cowboy hat on his head. "never" he screamed back! But Liam were in public! I whined.  So what Harry once ran across a boardwalk naked and that was in public, just be thankful I'm not naked Liam said while laughing. But Liam Harry's well hes Harry. HEY! whats so bad about being Harry? Harry shouted. Oh my god can you just put me down I know how to walk! I screamed at them. NEVER! they all screamed at once except Zayn. "Guys put her down Zayn said strictly. alright they said sadly. "HAHA NOW ITS MY TURN" Zayn said then picked me um over his shoulder singing Sexy and I know it as loud as he could and in the other hand he was swinging his shirt around. Oh my god I said just put me down were at our gate now i pleaded. Ok fine Zayn said as he plopped me onto a couch.


Niall's P.OV


FLIGHT F456 WILL HAVE A 5 HOUR DELAY, a voice came on over the loudspeaker saying that. WHAT! Harry screamed. "Guys chill now we can just relax a little, I calmly said" Yeah good idea Niall. Hannah said smiling at me, my heart started to pound when she looked at me if you don't know I'm inlove with Hannah but nobody knows but she loves me to were just to scared to date.  so who's up for a movie I said, were in a private place in the airport protecting us from fans so why not ask? "MEEE" they all chimed in at the same time. "how bout paranormal activity 4?" Louis asked. "ok" we all replied.

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