Sometimes Love Dies

about a young woman her husband dies in Afghanistan and how she copes after the death of her one true love


1. The one for me.....

He was the one for me from the minute i clicked on his photo on, Then we went on a date and then i was certain. Me and Daniel were perfect. Years passed then we lived together, Then one night we went to a pretty cafe, we had a beautiful dinner and we held each others hands. Then Daniel knelt down brushed my hair and opened a beautiful box and i saw a gleaming diamond ring "Rachel Johnson will you marry me?" he said lovingly

"YES YES!" i screamed then everyone applauded as they do in the old movies. The we went to home and watched the news and the newsreader said "The army is looking for new recruits" 

"I would go if i didn't have a job but i can't give up on being a lawyer" Daniel said when i looked at him. Years passed the war abroad got worse and we had three children called Hazel, Heidi and Logan,eight year old triplets.




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