Happily Ever After

Jo likes alot of things but One Direction defiantly isnt one of them. Her friends however are in love with them. What does Jo do when she runs in to Zayn and falls in love with him but doesnt realize he is part of One Direction?


2. The Beginning

Jo's POV

    " STOP YELLING AT HER! SHE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG YOU DICK!" I yelled at Mike, my stepdad from the stairs. He was yelling at my mom again for "cheating" on him again. Its the same every night he comes home late from work while my mom is making dinner and he gets mad about something. Its never gotten physical atleast from what I know but I try to ignore them fighting and protect my little brother Aden.

    " JO YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO YELL AT HIM LIKE THAT!" my mom was always trying to protect him even though shes the one that needs protection. 


   "AND NOBODY NEEDS YOU FOR ANYTHING!"  after I yelled that I heard his foot steps coming toward me and a wave a terror past through me. I saw him running up the stairs and I bolted to my room and locked the door. That didnt stop him, he ran into the door and broke it down. He came right up to me and knelt down.

   "You're gonna wish you never said that" he raised his hand the next thing i felt it swipe across my face. I fell to the floor holding my cheek in pain. 

I felt tears forming in my eyes but i forced myself to hold them back. I wanted to be strong I didnt want Mike to think that he can control me. Im my own person and he has no influence over me. I looked up and noticed that he had left them room. I quickly grab a bag full of clothes and my cell phone and made a run for it. I couldnt take it anymore I had to get to my dads before I did somethings that I would regret. 

I called my friends Amanda and Jenny and told them to meet me the park and that I would explain everything. As I was walking out the door my mom came up behind me with tears filling her eyes and bruises all over her face and arms. 

   "Jo please dont go he wont stop and if you leave your brother and I are as good as dead." as I looked into her eyes I could see the terror and I couldnt live with myself if I left her here like this with that thing I call my stepdad.

                                                                             ** later that night **

 My mom and my brother are in my room and Mike is knocked out on the couch with empty beer bottles all around him. The three of us snuck down the stairs and past Mike while holding our breath trying not to wake him. We got outside and started the car without waking Mike. We started pulling out of the drive way when Mike came bursting through the front door using the door frame to help him stand with blood shot eyes and his hands in fists. He came sprinting to the car and grabbed my mom from the drive seat. She was screaming with tears flowing down her cheeks.

   "Go Jo! GO! Find your dad get to a safe place!" 

   "MOM!" Aden was sitting in the back of the car screaming and crying

   "We cant just leave you mom! We will come back for you!" I yelled to her was Mike pulled her back into the house. I heard glass break and alot of yelling and I could only imagine what going on.

We pulled up to the airport and immediately went to get tickets for London. There was a lot of girls there, crowding around something but I didnt care I just wanted to get out of here and see my dad. 

  Zayns POV

The lads and I have been on tour in America the past few months and Im ready to go home. When we got to the airport it was overflowing with fans. I was tired and just wanted to get on the plane and sleep. The fans were crowding us as we piled out of the car and I stopped for some pictures and to sign some autographs. We said goodbye to the fans and went to go wait at the gate for our plane.

I sat next to Niall and Liam while Harry and Louis went to go get something to eat. I leaned back to try and take a little nap when I noticed a boy leaning against the wall sitting next to a girl standing at the counter talking to the ticket salesman . The younger boy looked about 10 years old, he and messy brown hair and freckles all over his face. His cheeks were tear stained and his eyes were filled with water. He had a lot of horror on his face like he had just seen a ghost. I got up and wallked over to him trying to think of what to say. 

 "Hey little guy. Whats your name?"

 "Aden. Whats yours?"

 "Im Zayn. I just noticed that you seemed upset and I wanted to see if you were ok."

 "We're fine" I heard a girls voice spit out from behind me I stood up and turned around and was prepared for Aden's mom standing behind me with an angry expression on her face. But when I turned around I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

 "I was just trying to comfo-"

 "Thanks but were fine we are just trying to get plane tickets to London." She cut me off with anger in her voice. No, not anger  more like she was scared of something. 

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