Happily Ever After

Jo likes alot of things but One Direction defiantly isnt one of them. Her friends however are in love with them. What does Jo do when she runs in to Zayn and falls in love with him but doesnt realize he is part of One Direction?


3. Getting to know each other


 "Thanks but were fine we are just trying to get plane tickets to London." I spat at him. I new exactly who he was. He is Zayn from the band One Direction and I didnt want him getting close with my brother or me for that matter. 

 "I can help you we are flying to London as well." he motioned behind him to the rest of the guys sitting all together screwing around making a full of them selves.

 "I got it under control thanks." I just wanted him to leave us alone so we can concentrate on getting to London and finding our dad so we can save our mom from that monster of a step dad, Mike. I get chills just thinking about him. 

 "Ok well good luck finding your dad." was I talking out loud? Did he just hear everything that I was thinking? Well at least I got him to leave. I turned back to the counter and was negotiating with the lady to get a plane ticket.

                                                                        ** 20 minutes later **

 We are on the plane on our way to London to see our dad and Aden is asleep next to me. I am trying to think of a plan on how we are going to find our dad and get are mom away from... him.

 "We will be landing in London is exactly 1 hour," a lady's voice boomed over the speakers throughout the plane. I was so tired and I just wanted to rest for a little bit before we landed. But all I could think about was Zayn. Even though I hated that band with a passion I couldnt stop thinking about him. The way that he was acting toward Aden, trying to comfort him showed that maybe he really wasnt just a famous singer but maybe an actual human who actually cared about other humans. He was also really attractive. I never really got a close look at his face before but he was really hot. 

 " I dont know what it is guys but I cant stop thinking about her." I recognized that voice coming from behind me. I was that deep sexy voice that I hated so much. I craned my next to try to hear more of what they were saying.

 "I dont even know her name."

 " Dont worry mate. She's on this plane you can go talk to her." Liam was talking to him ans trying to get him to come talk to me. 

 "I'm sure she would want to talk to you because your from One fucking Direction!'

 "Thanks for the support Liam. I think I am gonna talk to her."

 I heard his foot steps get closer and closer to me untill i could here him breathing down my neck. I looked up at him and was about to say something but he cut me off.

 "Hi. Im Zayn from One Direction its nice to meet." 

 "Yea well its not nice to meet you." I spat at him with a hint of confidence in my voice. For the first time in awhile I had felt confident and strong talking to a man. I wouldnt exactly call him a man more like a little boy desperately trying to be a man.

 "Im Jo and for your information Im not really a fan of your... band." 

 "Well I just wanted to see if uh Aden was o-"

 "He's fine. Thanks for worrying about him but I can handle him on my own." He was sat down next to me now and I just wanted to rest and more importantly for him to leave Aden and I alone. 

 "Whats the matter? You seem reallt worried about something?"

 "I just want to get to London to see my dad."

 "Yea I got that but u seemed scared. more like terrified."

 " We just ran from home. From my stepdad he took my mom so we are going to get help from my dad. Why do you care so much?"

 "I just noticed that you two seemed scared and in a rush and I just wanted to help. You know we're not like other celebrities. We dont let the fame go to our head."

 "Thats what they all say but then they end up getting arrested for drugs or alcohol or having a baby with some random girl that you try to hide from everybody."

 "Well thats not us. You should really stop and get to know us more. We're really cool guys." I dont know why but I felt I could really relate to him and I kinda felt like I was falling for him. 

 "Im Jo. Its nice to meet you."

"Could I get your number so we can get together when we land."

"Sure." after we exchanged numbers we had an actual conversation. Not about how famous he is or about my stepdad but an actual conversation about random stuff like what your favorite color, and what we like to do in our free time.

Zayn POV 

 I was glad I finally got the courage to go over and talk. After awhile she seemed to become more relaxed around me and it was nice just talking to her about everything. Nothing important just random stuff but it was nice. We talk for what seems like forever and after awhile I could tell that Jo was getting tired. She was leaning back in her seat with her eyes half closed. Aden was fast asleep on Jo's lap with what looked like an elephant in his arms. I remember Jo saying something about how her moms favorite animal was an elephant so it was probably hers. 

 "Im gonna go. I can tell you are really tired Jo." As I got up out of the seat to go back to the boys felt a little hand on my arm.

 " Dont go Zayn. Please. I like being with you." A first I was confused because I thought she hated me? But I could her the sincerity in her voice and I knew I had to stay with her. Dont get me wrong, I wanted to stay with her because she was amazing. But I didnt want to force myslef on her. I sat down again and she laid her head down on my shoulder and fell asleep. I just sat there thinking about everything. About how I felt for her and maybe if she was developing feelings for me. After about an hour I felt my eyelids getting heavier and heavier and before I knew it I was asleep with my arm around Jo.



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