Happily Ever After

Jo likes alot of things but One Direction defiantly isnt one of them. Her friends however are in love with them. What does Jo do when she runs in to Zayn and falls in love with him but doesnt realize he is part of One Direction?


1. About Me

Hi Im Joanna but everybody calls me Jo, I think Joanna is to girly. Im 17 years old and I live in Ohio with my mom and my little brother. My dad moved to London a few years ago and Im still pretty upset, we were really close. Anyway, Im kinda short and I have long ,dirty blonde ,wavy hair, big brown eyes and cute little dimples (atleast to me dad). I love playing sports and i absolutely love music, its my life. I love all kinds and all artists, there's just one band that I don't like, its more of an absolute hate, One Direction. They just seem so fake to me and there music is all lovey dovey.  I have lost a few friends because I dont like them but my true friends will stay with me no matter what I like or dislike. 

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