My Life With Liam

Hi, my name is Brittany. I applied to this new university that is almost 200 miles away from home, all the way in Paris, France. I am going there with my best friend, Molly. We never go anywhere without each other. When we get there, I find a guy that will hopefully become my future love...I am giving to much away. Read my story to find out more. Thanks bye.


4. The Tour

Liam's POV:

Brittany was amazing and really beautiful. "Are we still going to hang-out, Brittany?" I was getting a little worried that she would want to hang-out with Louis instead me. I think she could sense that I was worried  because she gave a gentle smile and said, "Um--yeah." She looked back at Louis "I gotta go, Lou. Nice to meet you, Noralee." She ran to grab her coat and gave Louis a look that he immediately grabbed his jacket and went out the door. He stopped and turned around. "Nice to meet you, mate."

"You, too." With that, he turned back around and walked down the hallway. I was so happy Brittany said I could give her a tour. I have been here for a couple weeks now. The guys had to come here to help repair so things before the girls could come. 

Brittany made everything feel perfect. Being around her felt natural...right...peaceful.

Our first stop was the lunch room. We took our lunches and sat under this big beautiful oak tree. There was a bench swing that we sat on and just talked. 

When we got done, we threw away the trays and wrappers and walked to our next stop. We chit-chatted on and on about where we were from. She was from a tiny town in Italy. Wow, that is a long way. 

Our last stop of the day was the gymnasium. We played a question game that helped me get to know her more and more. It turns out that we have a lot in common. "What is your favorite cartoon movie?" I was curious of what she would say.

"Um--that is a hard one. If I had to choose, it would be Toy Story. What is yours?"

'Mine is the same as yours. Toy Story is awesome," I said. I smiled. She smiled. It was perfect. "There's a snake in my boot," I said as I tried to sound like Woody. She laughed, which was a rush of relief for me. She has an amazing laughter. I started laughing with her. 

We got to the gym. When we walked through the doors, we saw there was two people already there. I recognized Harry, but not the girl. "Hey Harry. Who's your girlfriend?"

"She isn't my girlfriend," he answered blushing a little. Then, he smiled and introduced the girl. "Her name is Rebecca. Who's your girlfriend?"

"Hi, my name is Brittany." 

"And she isn't my girlfriend." Brittany looked at me and just smiled. 

"You kinda look familiar, Brittany. Do I know you from somewhere?"

'Um--I don't know. You look familiar too." She paused for a minute and said, "I know where I know you from...KEVIN?" 

"KEY?" They ran and hugged each other. I guess they know each other veery well. How have you been, Polka? And who is your friend?"

"Very good, Dot. And you? And his name is Liam" Brittany asked. She was still smiling. She looked at me with the biggest smile on her face. Then she looked back at her friend, "Guess what?"


"Louis is here."

"No way. For real. I didn't think his mom was going to let him come."

"Niether did I."

They chit-chatted like that constantly, until Harry interrupted them. 'Um--Guys. It is kinda getting dark, lets got get some food and go to my dorm. Is that okay with everyone?"

 "Yeah. It ia fine with me, Hazza," Rebecca said using Harry's nickname. "Are you two coming, Liam?

"Yeah. Is that okay, Brittany?"

"Only if I can invite Molly, Louis, and Noralee to join us."

"Sure bring who you want," Harry said getting up. "See you there. Liam, do you know my dorm number?"

"Yeah, isn't it 1004?"

"Yup." Harry and Rebecca got up walked out the door. Brittany and I walked back to her dorm. Louis, Noralee, and another girl was there. "Guys!" Brittany began. "Do you guys want to go to a party with Liam and me?" 

"Sure," they all said together. 

"Oh yeah. Liam, this is Molly," Brittany said introducing the other girl in her room I didn't know.

"Nice to meet you, Molly.'

"No, Nice to meet you, Liam." We shook hands. I was ready to go and said, "Come on lets go."

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