My Life With Liam

Hi, my name is Brittany. I applied to this new university that is almost 200 miles away from home, all the way in Paris, France. I am going there with my best friend, Molly. We never go anywhere without each other. When we get there, I find a guy that will hopefully become my future love...I am giving to much away. Read my story to find out more. Thanks bye.


6. The Party

Brittany's POV: 

Liam walked me back to my dorm. He was so sweet. I couldn't wait to go to the party with him. I unlocked the door, to find Noralee, Molly, and Louis were sitting on the floor playing a game. 

I interrupted there game by saying, "Guys! Do you want to go to a party with Liam and me?"

They all nodded and said, "Sure."

I almost forgot to introduce my best friend. "Oh yeah,. Liam, this is Molly."

"Nice to meet you, Molly," Liam told her. They shook hands. Liam smiled at her, then looked at me, "Come on let's go."

"Oh no, wait a minute. I have to change," I told him. 

"But, you look great now." I could feel my cheeks blushing. 

"At least give me a few minutes to change. Please?" I asked him.

"Fine," he gave in. Louis got up and said, "Come on, mate. We can wait outside for them to get ready." Liam nodded and they disappeared behind the door. 

I rushed to my suitcase to get out a cute outfit. I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear. I settled on my grey Flyleaf shirt, black skinny jeans and my grey slip-on flats. I pulled my curly hair up in a ponytail and reapplied my make-up. I was finished in about 10 minutes, so were Noralee and Molly. We all gave a look over, making sure we looked our best. We opened the door to find Louis and Liam sitting on the floor with I think Zayn, talking about their favorite bands.

Liam looked at me. "Wow," was the only thing he said. I smiled, glad I looked good. "Ready to go?" he managed to say after a minute or so. I nodded and so did everything else. We all walked to Harry's dorm. Rebecca and Niall were already there. They were talking to a girl. She had shoulder length reddish-brown hair that was half up with a bow. Cute bow. They looked over at us. "Hey," Niall yelled. He jumped up and hugged everyone. He lingered on Noralee. She blushed. "Hi, my name is Noralee."

"That is a beautiful name. I'm Niall." 

"Nice to meet you, Niall."

He smiled and said, "Nice to meet you too, Noralee." I could tell that they are going to be great friends. I went to sit next to the girl. She looked like she has been crying. "Are you okay?" I asked her. 

"No, not really" she said.

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