My Life With Liam

Hi, my name is Brittany. I applied to this new university that is almost 200 miles away from home, all the way in Paris, France. I am going there with my best friend, Molly. We never go anywhere without each other. When we get there, I find a guy that will hopefully become my future love...I am giving to much away. Read my story to find out more. Thanks bye.


7. The Girl

Brittany's POV:

He smiled and said, "Nice to meet you too, Noralee." I could tell that they are going to be great friends. I went to sit next to the girl. She looked like she has been crying. "Are you okay?" I asked her.

"No, not really," she said. 

"Why what is wrong?" 
"I just broke up with my boyfriend." When she said this, Louis ran over. I think he was ease dropping on us. 

"Hello, my name is Louis Tomlinson. What is your name, love?" Geez, and I thought I was desperate. The girl took her head out of her hands and looked at Louis. She smiled and shook his hand, saying, "Brooke. My name is Brooke."

"Well, nice to meet you, love. Would you wanna dance?" 

"Um, sure." She got up and walked with him leaving me alone. Liam looked over and saw I was sitting by myself. He walked over to me and said, "Guess you met my cousin, Brooke." 

"Yeah. She was crying so I came over. Turns out she didn't need to talk but to dance with Lou." He nodded. I got up ready to leave. Liam grabbed my wrist. "Where are you going?" 

"Back to my dorm."

"No, please don't leave me. Come dance. Please?" He said giving me some perfectly cute puppy eyes. I couldn't give in, I just can't. Before I could tell my body to ignore his puppy eyes and go back to the dorm, I said "Um, sure, but I'm not a good dancer."

Liam smiled and said, "Good thing it's a slow song." He pulled me to where everyone else was dancing and put my hands on his shoulders. He put his on my waist. We swayed like that for a few minutes. 

Brooke bumped into me, pushing him further into his arms. I almost fell but Liam was there to catch me. I turned around and gave Brooke my best death stare. "Can I borrow her for a sec, Liam?" 

"Um, I guess so." She grabbed my arm and pulled me out into the hall. We stood just outside the door. "I didn't get to properly introduce myself earlier. My name is Brooke," she said moving her short auburn hair out of her face. She was a skinny, pale, freckled face, happy-type of person. I could tell that she wanted Liam to be happy. 

"My name is Brittany. Nice to meet you, Brooke." We shook hands. We sat down against the wall and talked for what seemed like forever. Turns out we have a lot in come. At her old school, she was in a huge marching band. She has three sisters and no brothers. Her favorite color is pink. She would do anything for her cousin, Liam, even help him with girl stuff. She says he doesn't feel like a cousin to her, but a brother. I hope we can be best friends. I actually hope Noralee, Rebecca, Brooke, Molly and me, will be best friends.

Niall poked his head out the door and poked it back in and said, "Found them!" He opened the door all the way open. They all walked outside and saw us sitting on the ground just talking. "Come back in please?" Niall asked us. It was his party and I didn't want to be rude, so I got up and helped Brooke up. We all walked back into the dorm and started playing games.


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