My Life With Liam

Hi, my name is Brittany. I applied to this new university that is almost 200 miles away from home, all the way in Paris, France. I am going there with my best friend, Molly. We never go anywhere without each other. When we get there, I find a guy that will hopefully become my future love...I am giving to much away. Read my story to find out more. Thanks bye.


8. Feelings!

Brittany's POV:

Liam brought me back to my dorm. He was trying to convince me to tell him what Brooke and me talked about. "No, Liam. It is a secret." He gave me his puppy face again. I can't give in like last time. Nope, not happening. "Please?" He just kept looking at me like that. 

Finally, we arrived at my dorm. "Nope. Sorry Liam, I can't tell you. I swear to secrecy." 

"Aw man. It was worth a shot." 

"Thanks for walking me back to my dorm." I thanked him. He smiled and said, "Anytime."


Liam's POV: 

"Thanks for walking me back to my dorm," she thanks me with the most beautiful smile ever. I smiled back and said, "Anytime." I think I am starting to get feelings for Brittany. Everything about her was beautiful, her hair, her smile, her personality. 

I was about to turn around when I was grabbed by the wrist. I turned back around. Brittany had my wrist and said, "You don't have to leave yet. You can stay a little while. Please?"

I nodded and we walked into her room. Noralee wasn't here yet. We sat done on her bed. "Do you want to watch a movie?" 

"Sure, what do you have?"

"I only have one movie. It is my favorite."
"What is it?"

"Toy Story." I loved Toy Story, so I agreed to watch it with her. She climbed in her bed. I leant against the back board. She laid her head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around her. God, I wish we could stay like this forever. 

Once the movie was over, Brittany didn't get up to turn it off. I looked down at her to see that she fell asleep. She looked so peaceful, like a fallen angel. "Brittany," I whispered. "Brittany, sweetheart, wake up." She woke up with ease. "Hmm" 

"I have to go," I said whispering in her ear. She moved so I can get up. I got up and walk over to her side and kissed her forehead. I tip-toed out the door. I shut it with ease. 

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