Forbidden Love (A paranormal love story)

Desiree moves to a new town to go live with her new stepmother and 5 stepbrothers and life is great and dandy... She may look normal on the outside but she isn't... She can see ghosts, Feel them, and hear them. When i say feel them i mean FEEL them... She sees hears and feels them like you do me and you... She helps them get to the other side but she can't seem to do that for one ghost... He lives in her room... Will they be friends or will he help her fight the ghosts that plague her?




Hi it's me the author i just need to do a chapter on the main character's so you guys don't get confused. Thanks for reading my book and please dont be shy.. Comment, Favorite this:). If you like it alot fan me. I really need feedback so i can keep going:) Thanks again for reading:).


She is 16 years old and she is the main focus in this book. She can see ghosts hear ghosts and feel ghosts not just feel their emotions but phiscally touch them. She is a fun loving person but she does have a temper. When necessary she will get phiscal with the living and dead. 


She is only 3 years old. She is Desiree's little sister. She died in a tragic accident along with her mother. She is outgoing and loves to scare her big sister. She acts exactly the way she did before she died. Watch out though. She is michevous and likes to scare people like get in the mirror and pop out of nowhere. She loves when she gets new playmates:).

Desiree's Dad:

He doesn't believe in ghosts. He is a scepct and needs this kind of stuff proven to him before he believes it. He thinks that the people Desiree sees are her 'imaginary friends' and that she needs to leave them alone. More like the other way around:P

Desiree's mom:

Like Ciara she died in the car also. She brings spirts in need to Desiree so she could help them. She is a very outgoing person and just wants to find help for lost souls.


She is Desiree's step mom. She is nice but holds a dark secret that will be later revealed:3


He is 10 years old. He is considered the weak one out of the other 3 brothers. He is super smart and he skipped two grades. He is outgoing and just wants to help Desiree.


He is 13 years old. He is a jock and a ladies man. Even though he is only 13 he won 2 scholarships to any college he wants impressive i guess. He is a little how do i say it... Dumb!!!!:P Don't underestimate him though..


He is 15 years old. He is annoying and he is a jock to... Since Desiree and him is almost the same age they but heads alot..


He is 20. He isn't very intresting.. He sleeps alot.

That's all the characters:)

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