Forbidden Love (A paranormal love story)

Desiree moves to a new town to go live with her new stepmother and 5 stepbrothers and life is great and dandy... She may look normal on the outside but she isn't... She can see ghosts, Feel them, and hear them. When i say feel them i mean FEEL them... She sees hears and feels them like you do me and you... She helps them get to the other side but she can't seem to do that for one ghost... He lives in her room... Will they be friends or will he help her fight the ghosts that plague her?


1. Moving Day

"Shae hurry up and get your stuff together we got a tight schedule to keep." Dad yelled from upstairs.

"I'm coming dad i gotta find mom's sweatshirt." I said looking through the boxes on the floor.

"Found it." I said pulling it out the box labeled clothes.

"Okay hurry up and come downstairs the movers will take care of the other boxes." My dad said.

"Okay." I said pulling the sweat shirt on and walking downstairs.

I loved that sweatshirt it is the only thing i have to remember her by. She died in a wreak when i was 4. She took my sister to. We were on our way home from my sister's preschool when the car hit the side my mom and sister was on, killed them instantly. I was the only one that survived that wreak. I didn't worry 'bout them though. Why? Because i see them on a daily basis. How? i see ghosts. Not just see them... i feel and hear them. What i mean by feel is that i can feel emotions and them too. Like i can phisically pick up my baby sister when i see her. Impossible you think. Yeah that's what alot of people think... I am unique in the field of paranormal...

"Sissy where arwe we gowing." Ciara says appearing out of nowhere.

"We are going to live with a woman named Serenity." I said picking up my little sister.

Before you ask... Yes she knows she's dead... She would have been 13 this year..

"Who's that." My mom says materalizing out of nohwhere.

"My new stepmom... God you two need to stop doing that." I said breathing hard.

"Oh okay." My mom says hugging me.

"Desiree who are you talking to." My dad said from downstairs.

"Noone." I said.

"Hey i got to go i'll talk to you guys later." I said giving my sister and mom a kiss on the cheek.

"Bye." They said disapearing.

I got my purse and walked downstairs.

"Now i don't want you to say anything about ghosts to your mom or brothers." My dad said serious.

"They are not my mom and brothers." I said heading out the door.

I got in the car and slammed the door. How dare he call them my brothers and mom. I mean they are nice and everything but no-one i repeat NO-ONE will ever replace my sister and mother.

My dad gets in the car and starts driving... And out the corner of my eye i see my mom give my dad a hurt look and disapear. 

I just hope that Serenity will stay nice and not just be a phase...


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