Never bother the mother

A true description of all mothers (at general), and the love they have inside them at high pressure, at the ready to blast it over her child.


1. Never bother the mother

She has a fair complexion, more like a Snow White

At the times of darkness, she would stand Bright.

Her eyes gleamed with gladness, when I spoke out my talks

I would rest myself, she would tidily comb my locks.


The moment I work, I would sit and prowl

But she's a lady, who hard works but never did sprawl.

She would stay wide awake, until my eyes grasped relief

My every petty talks would make up her belief.


My health would sometimes leave me as a refugee,

She would threaten her health and stay by me.

She wove the clothes of love, her interest to stitch,

She does handle me with care, never did pitch.


It's just because that, her eyes take in day light,

I wake up with the Sun and ride my life's flight.

Because of my naughtiness and the pain she bore,

Today I laugh at, remembering my 'playful' yore.


The love of her, I sealed in me is under limitless amount,

The mountain of love she built, seems impossible to mount.

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