My life has changed

I've just moved to London with my dad because he's got a new job. My mam died when i was young so it's just been me and him. And I'm out shopping and bump into a lad with blonde hair, big blue eyes and the most cutest accent. ♥


6. Will they find out?

Amelia and Shannon looked at me and said "Aimee who's Nialler?" I looked at them trying to think of something to say and then I finally said "One of dad's friends,from London." We carried on doing what we were doing and when they weren't looking I texted Niall saying 'What are you doing here, I can't come down because I've got friends upstairs. I'll meet you later at the cafe round the corner, I'll be 20 minutes. ly xxxx'  I got a text back straight away saying 'I wanted to surprise my princess and okay see you soon. love you too xxxxxx' 

I knew they wouldn't stay much longer and 15 minutes later, they were getting ready to leave. We headed downstairs and they hugged everyone and they headed home. I waited for a couple of minutes then headed to the cafe to meet Niall. When I got there Niall was sat in the corner with his red snap-back and his sunglasses, as I was walking over, he noticed and stood and waited for me to get closer so he could give a horan hug, Niall had ordered me a hot chocolate while he had a cup of coffee. We sat down and we were talking for ages. It was amazing spending time with him and no-one knew about it us or him being here. Niall went to the toilet when I got a text from Kelly (a close friend from school, but not as close as Amelia and Shannon.) saying 'OMG!! Apparently Niall Horan from One Direction has been spotted, look out for him. and I can't wait to meet up :) xx'  

I started laughing and Niall came back and said "What are you laughing at Aimee?" I showed him to text and he went white and said "We've gotta go, it won't be long till they find me." I nodded and I stood and and we headed out. We hadn't been seen until we where about to turn onto the street and there was a group of girls walking up and one of them screamed "OMG! There he is" Pointing in our direction, I grabbed Niall's hand and pulled him back round the corner and we had to go through the garden to get in. The house was empty, we sat in the living room watching T.V, we were watching something and I heard Niall's belly rumbling and I said "You hungry Niall?" He nodded, so I stood up and headed into the kitchen to make something to eat. So i put a pizza in the oven and some fries in the fryer, and poured to glasses of coca, and went back into the living room with them and Niall was over at looking at a picture of me and George. He turned round to see me and said "Who's that in the picture with you Aimee?" I put the glasses on the coffee table and went over to Niall and said "It's George,my twin brother,  you would of loved him and so would the others." He looked at me and hugged me and said "What happened you don't have to tell me if you don't want to!" I shook my head and took the picture of him and went and sat back down on the couch looking at the picture and Niall followed. 

He got hit by a car, 4 years go when we were 12. We coming back from a party and we where crossing the road and a car came out of nowhere and knocked him over and then drove off. It was the worst thing ever, seeing your own brother lying on the road fighting for his life and not being able to do anything.  Niall put his arm around me and said "I wish I could of met him." I smiled at him and pout my head on his shoulder and said "Thanks Niall, I best go and check on the food." I stood up and headed into the kitchen, the fries were ready so i put a few handfuls on each plate, a couple of minutes later the pizza was ready, I got the pizza cutter, and cut it in half, I didn't notice Niall come into the kitchen. I shouted "Niall do you want ketchup?" "Yes please Aimee,  and you didn't need to shout." He said in his soft irish accent, i turned to see him sat at the breakfast bar, watching me, i felt like a idiot. "Red or brown?" I asked as i was heading over to the fridge "Red please Aimee and is there any salt?" I pointed to a cupboard, he got on the stool and headed over to the cupboard. He grabbed the salt and the put in on the breakfast bar and said "You can carry the ketchup and the salt in because you've done all this." We headed into the living room and sat down on the couch, we started eating and we were talking, we had just finished, we took the plates into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher and I said "Do you want to go and meet George." he looked at me and nodded. I grabbed my keys and we headed out. We made sure we weren't spotted by anyone. The cemetery is only 20  minutes away from the house.

When we got to the cemetery, Niall put his hand in mine and smiled. We headed down to where he was, I smiled at Niall and said "We're here." I left go off Niall's hand and sat down next to the graves and said "Hi mam and  George, remember I was telling you about Niall, well I've brought him to meet yous." Niall sat down next to me and said "Hi George and Sarah, I'm Niall, Aimee is amazing you must be proud of her." On the graves it said 'Here lays Sarah Higgins, a loving daughter,sister wife and mother. Dearly missed by all. Born 7 May 1971 Died 4 April 1998. Aged 27, also lays here is her beloved son George Paul Higgins, loving son and brother. Born 17 September 1994 Died 20 February 2006. Missed by everyone, Back to together again. 

We stayed for a while and then we headed back, we got spotted by some fans, so Niall agreed to have his picture taken with them, after he got the pictures taken, we carried on heading home and then the worst thing happened, Amelia and Shannon walked round the corner, I quickly left go off Niall's hand and whispered to him "Keep walking, I'll meet you at the corner up the road." He looked at me and nodded, they saw me and ran over and give me a hug and said they would see me later. I left them and ran after Niall who was getting pictures taken again. I waited for him then we headed back. 

When we got back and Niall's phone starting ringing and it was Zayn, he looked happy but worried at the same time, he hung up and went on twitter, I looked at him and said "What did he say? Niall please tell me!" He looked up from his phone and turned the phone round and there on twitter was a picture of me and him walking through town.

I looked at him, I didn't know what to say, He put his arm around me.

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