My life has changed

I've just moved to London with my dad because he's got a new job. My mam died when i was young so it's just been me and him. And I'm out shopping and bump into a lad with blonde hair, big blue eyes and the most cutest accent. ♥


4. What happens next?

Me and Niall were getting closer and closer over the weeks and then it happened we started going out but we kept it quiet, me and Louis were also getting closer he was like my best friend in the group apart from Niall.                                                                                                                                            We had been going out for a month and we had kept it quiet for that long and we wanted it to last, Louis knew that we were going out because when there was a break we would go off to together. Harry was finally getting used to me being around and being friends with the lads. I’m close to the others but not with Harry maybe in time we will be, were friends but not close friends. Everything was looking up because finally me and Clodagh were spending time together without me storming off and we go shopping sometimes, my dad is happy that we spending time together but she will never take the place of my mam, and did I say I have a half-brother Michael-John and half-sister Claudia.  Me and Niall were getting closer and closer over the next couple of months.

It’s been months since the last time I saw anyone from up the road well I talk to them on Skype but I really wanted to see them in person.

It was alright for my dad and Clodagh because they had worked with some of the people and then there’s Michael-John and Claudia they can make friends just like that. The lads adore Michael-John and Claudia. Me and Niall took them to the park for a picnic and everyone kept looking at us and giving us weird looks because they were ours.


Over the next couple weeks, I started to feel more and more home sick, I but I didn’t want to say anything, because they were all enjoying themselves.  I didn’t tell anyone, my dad could tell there was something wrong because I wasn’t my normal self.


We headed to the studio like always and the lads were doing interviews and photo shoots. Once they had finished my dad called us all round the table and said “With all the hard work you have all been doing over the past couple of months, we been talking and we’ve decided to let you have a month off, so you can go home and see your family before we go on tour.

The lads were really excited about getting to see their families before the tour, and bearing I mind I wanted to go home but now I can I don’t want to because it won’t feel right not seeing the boys every day but I get to see everyone.

I haven’t told them about Niall or the others yet. Well I might never tell them, we’ll see how things go between me and Niall first.

Once we had finished at the studio, we dropped the boys off at home and then we headed home to pack. I tried to cram loads of clothes into my cases because I was only staying up the road for 2 weeks and then I was off to Ireland to see Niall and then we were coming back to London.

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