My life has changed

I've just moved to London with my dad because he's got a new job. My mam died when i was young so it's just been me and him. And I'm out shopping and bump into a lad with blonde hair, big blue eyes and the most cutest accent. ♥


3. Seeing him again

Amelia had to go because she was meeting Shannon and they would be on later. I turned my Skype off and headed to the toilet, I was gone for half an hour because when I came out I got 'lost' as I was looking at the pictures. Clodagh came looking for me and she said 'Aimee, your dad's been looking for you, he needs you for something.' i looked at her and said 'for what?' 'I don’t have a clue and he's waiting for you.' she answered, holding her hand out the way i had to go. I headed back to the room and sat there was Niall and 4 other lads. My dad said 'About time Aimee, you know Niall and this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry.' I smiled at them and sat down with my laptop. Niall was sat across from me and on one side was Louis and then Harry and on the other was Liam and then Zayn. They were talking about stuff and i texted Niall saying 'what are you doing here? xx' He smiled across to me and texted me back saying 'long story I’ll tell you later xx'. I smiled and nodded. Harry looked at me and then Niall and said "What the hell are you two doing?" Niall looked at Harry and said "Nothing, why?" Harry looked at me and said "So why were you nodding at him? I looked at him and said "doesn’t matter.” Niall started laughing.

My dad said that the lads could have a break, Niall stood up and headed out with the lads and he texted me saying to meet him in the green room. I headed to the green room and Niall was sat there and said "I'm sorry about before, i haven't told them about you."  I smiled and said "It's fine." I sat down next to him and him and we started laughing and we were having an amazing time. 10 minutes later, we headed back, the others weren't back so we sat on one of the couches, Louis, I'm guessing came running up to Niall and jumped on the couch and said "Look Niall, it's Kevin" showing him something on his phone and  Niall started laughing and Louis looked at me and said "I have interrupted yous?" I looked at him and shook my head and said "No, we were just talking." He smiled and sat on the couch opposite to us and he was looking at us for ages in silence and then he finally said "Paul said before that you knew each other, hows that?" I giggled a little and Niall looked at me and then Louis and said “You when I went out after we finished here, well I was heading to the cafe and I bumped into Aimee, when she was coming out of a shop and we went for a coffee, and were here now.” I looked at Louis and said "I'm gunna sound stupid but who is Kevin?" Niall started laughing and when he starts you can't stop him and Louis said "Kevin is my pigeon, wanna see the pictures of him when  I got him?" I nodded and he came and jumped between us and he started showing me pictures of him and Kevin. Liam, Zayn and Harry came into the room and Harry kept looking at me, like i had done something wrong. Liam and Zayn weren't that bothered that me. Louis kept saying that I was his new best friend. 

My dad came in and he shouted the lads over and i went over too. It was amazing have new people in my life who didn't judge me on my past and they don't even know what happened in my past and that is the way I want it to stay, the past is the past.


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