My life has changed

I've just moved to London with my dad because he's got a new job. My mam died when i was young so it's just been me and him. And I'm out shopping and bump into a lad with blonde hair, big blue eyes and the most cutest accent. ♥


5. Back to where it all started

In the car heading home, in my head it seemed to be a good thing but in my heart it didn't feel right because it wasn't my home anymore London was my new home and I knew for a fact that I would miss the lads.

I had only stayed in contact with Amelia and Shannon, and they knew I was coming home for a month but they didn't know I would only be staying for 2 weeks. By the time we got to our house, it was half nine at night, I dumped my case in the middle of my room, opened it and pulled out my one-piece that Niall had given to me, i pulled it on and got into bed. I woke with Claudia and MJ jumping on my bed trying to wake me up. I tried to ignore them but it didn't work, I got up and headed downstairs with Claudia and MJ, my dad was in the kitchen and Clodagh was nowhere in sight. I sat down at the breakfast bar, while my dad made breakfast. Claudia and MJ was in the living room watching T.V. They thought that Clodagh was my mam too so we all went along with it.

My dad came over to me and hugged me and whispered in my ear "Your mam would be so proud of you Aimee for how much you've grown up, and we can't forget George who was always there for you and he always got the blame for you. They will always love you." I smiled and said "Thank you dad and they will always love you too as they smiled down on us."

Today should of been my mam's birthday, me and my dad went every year to the grave where her and George are buried to put some flowers and we always put a picture of us so they have us with them. It's going to sound weird but I like going to the grave because I can talk to them and get everything off my chest and I know they are next to me.

It was half nine, I decided to go upstairs and get dressed, I looked down at my cases and started to pull clothes out, I ended up wearing a pair of black leggings and one of Niall's hoodies what I 'borrowed' and my red vans. I brushed my hair and left it how it was, I headed to the bathroom so I could brush my teeth. I heard the door open, I'm guessing Clodagh had been shopping or seeing her family. I finally headed down, and my dad was still in the kitchen with Clodagh, I don't think Claudia and MJ had more one bit. I sat on the couch , trying to listen to what they were talking about in the kitchen. I heard my dad say 'Me and Aims are going out for a bit.' Clodagh knew what had happened and she knew where we were going, they came out the kitchen my dad kissed Clodagh on the cheek and then went over to Claudia and MJ and kissed them, I stood up waiting for my dad and Clodagh came over to me and hugged me and said 'You know I'm here if you want to talk and I won't tell your dad anything you don't want me to.'

We set off to the cemetery, I couldn't wait to see them because the last time I saw them was before we left to go to London. We got into the car, the whole way there we didnt say a word. We pulled into the cemetery and we pulled into our normal space, my dad looked at me and smiled and put his hand on mine and said "You ready princess?" I nodded and smiled back. We got out the car and headed down to their grave. It was so nice to see them again, I took the dead flowers out and put the in the bin and my dad put the new ones in. We spoke to them and we put the new picture of us down. Everytime I looke at the picture of George, I wonder what he would be like.

We stayed for an hour and we headed home. I was meeting Amelia and Shannon today, so at least I had something to take my mind off the day. I couldn't wait to see them, my dad dropped me off at Amelia's house.

I knocked the door and guess who opened the door Logan, I didn't know what to say but Amelia was coming down the stairs and she jumped off the stairs and hugged me, she grabbed my hand and pulled me past Logan and up the stairs.

Amelia's room had changed so much since I was last in it because above her bed was the pictures from when we went on holiday camping and other random pictures of us, and there were pictures/posters of One Direction. I was just sat on the bed looking at all the posters, how can one of my best friends be a fan of the group I'm going on tour with soon.

We were talking, there was a knock on the door downstairs and Kellie (Amelia's mam) answered the door and we could here her talking to someone and then it went quiet. Amelia's bedroom door opened and stood there was Shannon, I stood up and went over and give her a massive hug. We were talking for ages and then we decided to go for a bit. I couln't tell them about Niall or One Direction, now because they were both big fans.

We headed into town and Logan was in town with his mates and they kept looking over whenever they saw us, the time went really quick and before we knew it, it was half 6. We had to be back at Amelia's for 7 because her dad was doing a BBQ. We caught the bus, it only took 15 minutes on the bus. We headed out into the garden, and Kellie gave me a massive hug and a kiss on the cheek, while Tom (Amelia's dad) just hugged me.

Amelia and Shannon were sat down at the the bottom of the garden, i headed down there when Logan grabbed my arm and said "Please can we talk Aimee?" I looked at him and said "No, because everything you'll say will be lies and get off me, you're in the past and I don't love you anymore." He let go of my arm and i carried on down to join Amelia and Shannon again. I could tell Amelia knew what it was about and she hugged me and smiled. We were having an amazing time and it was soon getting dark and my dad came and picked me up.

Over the next couple of days, we went out with the girls and others from school and i went to see the family and Clodagh's. No matter what i did everyday, there was still a huge whole in the day because I was so used to seeing Niall and the others and now i dont see them at all apart from on skype but that isn't the same. The 2 weeks seemed to few by and a day before i was leaving to fly over to Ireland, I was spending the day with the girls watching films in my room, like we used to.

Claudia ran up the stairs and pushed my door opened and shouted "He's here, Aimee he's here." and i looked at her and said "Who's here Claudia and knock next time!" "Nialler's downstairs." and she ran out of the room.

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