My life has changed

I've just moved to London with my dad because he's got a new job. My mam died when i was young so it's just been me and him. And I'm out shopping and bump into a lad with blonde hair, big blue eyes and the most cutest accent. ♥


1. The hardest part

It was hard leaving everyone, but with my dad getting the new job in London, it was the prefect way of forgetting all the bad memories.  My dad packed the car and i said goodbye to all my friends and it was soo hard not crying. I didn't want to cry but that didn't work, i ended up crying. My dad told me we better get moving to be the traffic. I promised i would text everyone when we arrived in London and we got into the car and headed for London.

I was exited about moving to London and then it hit me, i had left all my friends and everything  I knew and moved to an unfamiliar city and i knew no-one apart from my dad. Even though i was 16, i had just left school and all my friends- most of them would see each other at college and weekends while i would see them maybe once a year.

The roads were clear done to London, it didn't feel that long in the car until we hit London, the roads were packed and people were crossing the road while cars were still moving and it was like they didn't have a care in the world. The new house was massive compared to the old one. I had the biggest bedroom again, i got to paint my own room with help from my dad like always, but that's something we did together.  We sorted the whole house out and the following week my dad had to go into work so he give me a lift into city center and he headed off to work. I knew what bus to get back home anyways. I headed to Oxford Street and i was in and out of shops buying loads of clothes and shoes. I came out of one shop and bumped into a young lad about the same age as me, he had blonde hair and the most beautiful big blue eyes. I could feel my cheeks going red and he smiled and said "Sorry love, that was my fault i was watching where i was going and I'm sorry if i hurt you." he voice was amazing he was Irish. I smiled back and said "I'm fine thanks,are you ok?"  He said "I'm fine thanks, do you wanna go for a coffee, if your not busy? By the way I'm Niall."  I answered "Sure I would love to and I'm Aimee" and we headed off to a little cafe. We found a table in the cafe and a women came and asked what we wanted, I order a hot chocolate and Niall order a cup of coffee. We were sat talking like we known each other for ages. Niall left his phone on the table when he headed off to the toilet, he had only been gone a couple of minutes when his phone started ringing and there was a picture of my dad. When he came back, i didn't know what to do. I said "Someone phoned you when you went." He smiled and said "I'll phone them back later."

We were in the cafe till it shut at 9pm, Niall walked me home as it was only 10 minutes away. When we got to my house, my dad was just coming home from work and said "Sorry, I'm late Aimee I was busy. Hello Niall!"  Niall smiled and said "Hi Paul." I just stood there, Niall said "It was nice to meet you Aimee, but I think its time for me to go home now." and he give me his number. Paul stood smiling and said "Niall get in the car, I'll give you a lift home." We all got in the car and headed for Niall's house. 

When we arrived, I got out the car with Niall and hugged him and I promised that I would text him, and he headed in his house and i got back into the car.


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