Thousand dreams

There is a time of year when the sun burns red and the sea is reastless. Time when a mist covers the land when creatures of the night awaken.

But this time a chlid is born of the fire and has the adventure of a lifetime. Suzi and her friends travel the world inorder to save her clan and protect a jewel. she must face horrible and dangerous tasks. Joe and Bumble his fox are in det after Suzi encounters them.


1. Attacked

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at Suzy's house. And the sun was getting ready to set. As it did different shades of pink and purple filled the sky. Suzi was inside with her brother Jack they were getting ready for a party. Suzi was dressed in bright blue jeans and a pink top with a denim jacket, she had beautiful black hair that curved down her back and stopped at her waist. She had hazel eyes which looked like two jewels in her perfectly shaped face. Jack however wore black jeans and a dark blue top with a lever jacket. He had short brown hair and his eyes were like the deepest part of the ocean and seemed like they could turn you to stone. It was time to leave so they both got into the taxi and off they went. The party seemed to go on forever but eventually it was time to leave they were walking home when they were attacked by a girl who wore ripped black lever jeans and a ripped black lever top on her side she had a sword and on her back was two razer sharp blades. She had short blue hair and her eyes were the darkest brown Suzi had ever seen but instead of the eyes seeming angry they seemed sad and confused. "Who are you?" Suzi asked in a shaken voice, "I am Kia the blade master I came for the enchanted jewel you posses give it to me now!" Kia seem to be in a rush, "I have no idea what your talking about." Suzi was so confused at this point she just dropped to the floor as Kia grabbed her brother by the shoulder and put a blade to his neck, "If you do not bring the jewel by the next Luna cycle I will kill him!" And with that Kia disappeared. This meant Suzi only had six days to get what ever this crystal was. She stayed on the floor denying what had just happened for a moment she thought that it was a dream and that she would wake up in a few minutes. But instead she got to her feet and walked home. Once Suzi got back she rushed to her room and got her bag and filled it with stuff she thought she might need 'if I'm to get this crystal I need to be prepared' she thought to her self then after a few hours getting everything she set off. She had no idea were to start with this "quest" so she set off towards the hills behind her village.

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