Perfect Valentines ***For 1SHOT41D comp***

Georgie has been dating Liam Payne for 6 months and on Valentines Day Liam surprises Georgie with something special. Very special, indeed.


1. Perfect Valentines

Georgie's P.O.V

I've been dating Liam Payne for half a year now and it's been great. Hardly any rough bumps which includes arguments, it's been perfect.Yes, you read right THE LIAM JAMES PAYNE from One Direction. It still is kind of weird because I can't believe I'm dating my idol! It all started with a backstage pass and a hug from Liam :) One Direction were in America and got to perform at Madison Square Garden one again, everything was the same like last time except I actually got tickets that time and they were singing songs from their Take Me Home album. After the concert, I got guided backstage to One Direction by Paul with a few other girls. All the other boys were busy with other fans but Liam was lonely and I decided to go over to him. "Hello Liam, can you please sign my poster and CD?" I asked excitedly. "Sure love, what's your name?" Liam asked. I blushed, "My name is Georgie Diane Courtetsky and thanks so much!" I introduced. "Wow what a lovely name, Georgie" Liam complimented and yet again I felt heat rising up to my cheeks. "Thank you, Liam" I said as he handed me back my stuff which I looked at and saw Liam's number! I looked up and saw him wink then say, "Be sure not to share it with anyone. I'm trusting you!" Liam reassured. "Don't worry, I'll keep it to myself. Thanks, Li! Bye!" I farewelled. "Bye Georgie, Happy New Year!" Liam said. We texted and called daily, and eventually became best friends then one day there was a knock at the door. "Coming!" I said and as I opened the door, I saw Liam! "Hi GJEE!" Liam exclaimed pulling me in for a hug. "Hi Li! I missed you so much!" I admitted. "Me too!" Liam agreed. We went up into my room and talked about what we had been doing when out of no where Liam said, "Georgie, I love you. Like more than friends". "I love you too, Liam"I said. "Georgie Diane Courtetsky, will you please be my girlfriend?" Liam asked. "Yes! Infinity times yes! I've had feelings for you for a while now and I can't not say yes!" I exclaimed obviously showing that I accepted.


And that's where it all started..


Today was Valentines Day and I was downstairs, making pancakes and waffles with orange juice for Liam. I was finally done and took the tray of what smelt like delicious food, upstairs. I knocked on the door and entered his room. After placing the tray on Liam's study table, I snuck over to the bed and shook Liam awake gently. Within seconds, Liam's charming chocolate brown eyes fluttered wide open. "Good morning, babe" Liam said in his usual morning voice except he had little bit more joy in his voice today. "Good morning, sleepy" I mimicked. "I smell something nice. What is it?" Liam asked. I walked over to the desk and carefully took the tray over to Liam's bed, "Happy Valentines Day, babe!" I sang. "Awww, thanks babe" Liam said sweetly, his voice now starting to sound normal. I waited until Liam finished up and I went to wash the dishes while Liam was changing. When I finished the washing, I headed up the stairs and just as I reached the top, Liam had just come out of his room. "Babe, can you please get changed? We're leaving in 10 minutes to somewhere special" Liam asked. "Ok. Casual or fancy?" I asked. "Fancy today, if that's not too much trouble" Liam confirmed. With that, I quickly got dressed in a nice flowy black dress with a shiny white belt. For hair, I brushed it out, tied a side ponytail and tied small plaits with strands of hair. For makeup, I just put on shiny lipstick, blue eye shadow and mascara which was my usual look. Done and just on time! I walked down the stairs to a stunned Liam looking at me in awe. I turned around and teased, "Take a picture, it lasts longer". We both just laughed and headed out to Liam's car. "Here put this on and don't take it off until I say so!" Liam said. "Yes, daddy!" I teased once again.


We hopped in the car and Liam drove off with me not being able to see with the blindfold which I think was the point of it being on. I felt the car stop as Liam hopped out and opened the door for me. "Liam! I'm going to fall!" I exclaimed, getting scared. "Don't worry I will guide you" he assured me. And with that, we started walking and where we were, was a place that was very peaceful. After 2 minutes of walking, we stopped and Liam said, "You can now take off your blindfold" and I did as he said. In front of me was a picnic table with my favourite foods and drinks. Rose petals were in a circle around the table and the environment around us was a lovely park. "Wow! This is beautiful, thanks Li!" I said still amazed. We ate for about 10 minutes until we were full. Out of nowhere, Liam pulled out a guitar and started playing Truly, Madly, Deeply which was my favourite One Direction song. I didn't know Liam could play! At the end I clapped and kissed Liam sweetly on the lips. "That was amazing babe. And I will definitely keep you truly, madly, deeply in love with me." I complimented. "Uh, GJee, can I ask you something?" Liam asked. "Go for it, babe!" I exclaimed. "Well, we love each other very much and I wanted to show you by doing this" Liam said, kneeling down on one knee. I put my hands over my mouth in shock as Liam continued, "We been through a lot together, from the concert when I met you to now. I have always loved you. Never has my love faded or gone weaker but it gets stronger every second. I hope you understand that we were meant to be. Georgie Diane Courtetsky, will you accept the honour of marrying me?" Liam proposed. I started crying a river of tears and struggled to get anything out of my mouth but eventually nodded and said, "Yes. I will accept. I feel exactly the same way and you know that so yes Liam James Payne, I Georgie Diane Courtetsky will marry you and be named Georgie Diane Payne" I accepted. Liam slipped the shiny and expensive ring on my finger. He pulled me in for a kiss and we remained like that for what seemed like forever and I loved it.  


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