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Trust. Love. Friendship. Jealousy. One sleepover can change the relationship between each other. A friendship that lasted for years and realizes that the two were both meant for each other after all. but what would you do when one gets in the way? Read to find out

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28. Top of the London Eye.

(Originally Chapter 27)


-Top of the London Eye -


{Official Ending}


****Kristine's P.O.V****

A smile grew big on my face on a great happy day as I woke up. No jealousy. No boy problems. Just a perfectly happy day. I felt Niall's grip wrapped tightly around my waist and pulled me close to cuddle with him. Tomorrow's the big day for the boys as they're starting their Take Me Home Tour which I'm so glad and excited about since I get to see Niall everyday, well mostly and the rest of the boys. Like I said happy day. I cuddled with Niall for a fair bit but jumped right off the bed roughly tying my hair up.


"Come on get up, since its your big day tomorrow, we're gonna have our day time just like old times except well this isn't Mullingar but we shall have an amazing day!" I jumped excitedly, I admit, I did sound like a little kid.


"Can't we just stay in bed and y'know.." Niall smirked. I rolled my eyes and smirked back at him.


"Fine. Then no lipsssss for you Mr. Horan". I traced my finger on my lips and winked leaving Niall speechless as I walked in the bathroom and started washing up. As I finish, I walked out of the bathroom and see Niall rushing through the bathroom, guess I eventually got him up and going. But that was just a joke, I would never ditch a kiss from Niall, I mean who wouldn't want to ditch such a warm, soft, amazing lips....guy. I meant Niall, hanging, he's just too irresistible. I quickly ran to my room and picked out some clothes to wear from my closet and dressed. I turned my laptop on and just in time Loreley started calling me.


"How do I look?" I asked straight as it connected. I had a sky blue frilled singlet, blue jeans paired with my black converse and Niall's lucky charm bracelet around my wrist.


"Simple yet so beautiful!" Loreley yelled in excitement over the microphone on the video call.


"I'm guessing you're trying to impress Mr. Loverboy.." Loreley raised her eyebrows, up and down, I blushed and rolled my eyes at her.


*Flight to London, now boarding....* I raised an eyebrow suspiciously confused where Loreley was at this time of the day.


"Hey..., where are you..?" I asked curiously.


"Uhh, um I'm at the airport waiting for mom to board this plane to wherever she's planning to go, she told me she was going somewhere with dad for their early honeymoon....thing.."


"Right... Well say hi for me to them!" I smiled big and Loreley laughed.


"You ready babe, 'cos I'm rea–... Person on the camera". Niall walked in dressing his shirt on when he realised that Loreley was on a video chat.


"Woah Blondie, first 'person' has a name and second, check who's in the room first before you walk in topless, you can burn people's eyes yeesh". Loreley joked and all three of us laughed like old times.


"Well I should probably leave you two alone, I'll just talk to you later Kristine! And Blondie! Hahah mwuah!" And with that the call ended.


"Ready? Where shall we go first?" Niall asked. "I don't know, you tell me you're my tour guide for today". I winked.


*****Niall's P.O.V****

It's been a while now since we've left the flat and it has been the so far for today, no distractions just a normal yet funny day. I took Kristine to some famous attractions here in London and boy was she excited. I took her to see the big ben and she couldn't take her eyes of how high it was then we stopped by at the Buckingham Palace and took heaps of photos which is always great to remember from new sets of memories we have together. We also went to London Madame Tussaud's and I told her about how our statues are in the making and will feature soon, she got excited and offered to come back when it comes out so that she could take a photo of both of her princes according to her, I laughed and of course agreed to the idea. We've eaten a lot of food and a lot of snooping around the mall afterwards.


We passed a jewellery store but I suddenly stopped to see a small beautiful gold necklace with the word 'forever'. Kristine noticed and backed up to me.


"You stopped".


"Yeah sorry I got distracted".


"By what?" Kristine asked curiously.


"By that bright light from the glass". I noted trying not to look suspicious. I didn't want her to know that I was going to buy it for her because I know what she would say, I could just hear her words in my head, 'Don't, I don't want you spending a hip of money for me, it's too expensive'. So I decided to just surprise her.


"I'll be back, I'm just gonna hit the men's toilets". I lied.


"Alright I'll be at that store just over there". Kristine pointed to the shop two stores just after the jewellery store. I nodded and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. I walked slowly towards the men's toilets to make sure she didn't notice then walked back to the jewellery as soon as she walked in the other store. I stared at the necklace again and imagined how gorgeous it would look on her. I asked for assistance and asked her for the necklace.


"I'm guessing this is for someone special eh?" The salesperson asked behind the counter while she organised the gift packaging for the necklace. I smiled and nodded.


"I'm sure she'll love it". She wrapped it close and added a finishing touch of a bow at the top of the small gift box containing the necklace and handed it to me after I paid.


"I hope she does, thank you". I grabbed the small gift box and quickly checked the necklace before sliding it to my pocket, it was a pretty small box so it could perfectly fit easily in my pocket.


Luckily i already picked the perfect place I could give it to her and it was at the London Eye. Just private for the two of us at a perfect night, with the perfect gift and the perfect girl.




****Kristine's P.O.V****

As I start to walk out of the store, Niall walks in.


"You took a while". I joked. Niall laughed and wrapped his arm around my waist while we both walked out together.


"Let's go, I wanna take you somewhere". Niall whispers in my ear and grinned at me.


"Okay". I giggled and we walked together to his car.


"So where is this place your taking me that you had to whisper it to me". I playfully smirked at Niall while he drove.


"You'll see when we get there, calm yourself love". "You know I don't like surprises". He didn't say anything but kept driving with a goofy smile on his face.


Minutes later, we arrived to our destination. I looked out the window while Niall parked and I was speechless. A big Ferris wheel caught my eye and couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful lights around it. My face grew a goofy smile as Niall opened the door for me not noticing we were already parked.


"Welcome to the London Eye!" Niall said excitedly and helped me out of the car.


"You remember how you told me when we were younger, you told me how you've always wanted to go on a Ferris wheel with your 'prince' and kiss him at very top where you can watch city lights and the night sky, one day?" Niall stated while we walked together.


"Yeah..." I blushed and entwined my fingers with Niall. I laughed at the thought of how I was so deep and dreamy when I was younger and how Niall remembered it even made it more funnier but sweet.


"Well I wanted it to be that special day, well night, with you". Niall smiled, that adorable smile.


"But how are we going to get in".


"Come on, this is Niall Horan you're talking to". Niall joked.


"No, I already planned it and booked it last night. I wanted to surprise you and make it special". Niall explained and we both reached the ticket booth. I blushed at how special it already was. The lady lead us to the V.I.P section were special events were held, so there was a special place for us. This type of Ferris wheel is not the ordinary type of Ferris wheel that you go to in carnivals and amusement parks, the carriage for that is way different to this as in very different, not even close. The height of this was I guess pretty high as if you can touch the sky. But it is quite higher than what I had in mind, think of it as, as high the a sky tower maybe that high or higher. The carriage that you go in a normal Ferris wheel was way different, with the London Eye it is a room shaped of a capsule which is what it was called and each ones hold at least twenty-five people so it was pretty big referring to how many people it can carry. But tonight Niall booked a special one just for the two of us. We hopped in and the lady secured us inside so that it wasn't going to open, and with this, it's not an open area 'cos we could eventually die if it was. As we entered there were flower petals scattered on the floor and drinks set on what looked like a table and a seat combined. The wheel started to move and the capsule which we were in wobbled a little from the push pressure but then stopped. I sighed in relief, I confess I am somewhat afraid of heights yet I didn't mind them.


"So do you like it?" Niall asked shyly.


"Of course, I love it thank you for bringing me here, it's amazing". I blushed and kissed him. We looked out at the view while it moved further higher now we could see the buildings and city lights like I've always dreamt of and it was the most beautiful view I've seen. Niall half smiled and he pulled my waist close so that I leaned against him. I leant on his shoulder and we stood for a while and enjoyed the view.


"Come, let's have some drinks". Niall suggested, I followed him and we both sat together grabbing our drinks. I took a sip from mine and we both sat in silence. I gotta say this was the most relaxing thing I've ever been in and it was the view was the most beautiful sight I've seen, I could see the Big Ben from here and tons of city lights and it was amazing.


"We're at the top". Niall started, I could tell his nervousness from his voice and I was pretty nervousness too not only because of how high it already is but also it's our second date.


"Yep, at the very, high, top of the London Eye". I said nervously, I sat closer to Niall and he protected me noticing that I was a little scared, like I said I have a strange fear of heights. Niall unwrapped his arms from my shoulders and grabbed a hold of my hand.


"Kristine, I know we've only dated for half a month and I know I can't propose to you right now since we're still young and only dated for a while". Niall joked and I laughed.


"But I've known you more than I could remember and I've always loved you as a friend and my princess, so I wanted to give you something special".


My heartbeat fastened as Niall takes out a small perfectly wrapped box from his pocket and handed it to me. I looked at him and he nodded signing me to open it up. I opened the box and inside was a shiny gold 'forever' necklace. I shed a tear and smiled at Niall.


"It's beautiful". I said, more of a whisper because I became so speechless from how gorgeous it was. I embraced Niall tightly and he did the same.


"Thank you so much Niall, I love it".


"You're welcome, I decided to give it to you specially to let you know that I will always love you forever". Niall said sweetly. We broke out of our embrace and Niall kissed me passionately. I giggled when we finished and Niall smiles with his adorable smile and started at me with those amazing blue deep ocean eyes.


"Here let me put it on for you". Niall offered. He took the necklace and slowly placed it around my neck, quickly kissed me on the shoulder.


"You look gorgeous". Niall complimented.


"Thank you so much Niall, for this, all of this, and today. The best day and night of my life. You're truly my Prince Charming". I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to a hug while he wrapped his arms around my waist and hugged me tightly.


"I love you so much" Niall whispered in my ear.


"I love you too". A joyful tear rolled down my cheek, Niall rubbed it away with his thumb and cupped my face with his hand then smashed his lips with mine, passionately kissed me. It was the most romantic kiss I've ever had and loved it.


"Forever". Niall looked into my eyes. "Forever".


Forever is a very long time, but I was happy i get to spend it Niall Horan.




A/N: I really hope you guys enjoyed this, I shed a tear writing this.

This is the actual ending of the fanfic between the romance of Niall and Kristine. I love you all so much for reading, it means a lot, that may sound a little deep but i really do mean it since it's my first ever fanfic. I hope you all liked the idea of the London Eye, I haven't really been there, but i just used my imagination of what it would look like <3

much love xx

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