|| Everything About You || {Completed}

Trust. Love. Friendship. Jealousy. One sleepover can change the relationship between each other. A friendship that lasted for years and realizes that the two were both meant for each other after all. but what would you do when one gets in the way? Read to find out

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24. I trust you....

Chapter 24 

- I trust you -


****Kristine's P.O.V****
"I'm home!" Niall yelled from the front door as I ran outside of the room, seeing Niall in his perfect outfit from the Brit Awards.

"Hey!" Niall exclaimed as I jumped in to him open arms.

"Hey I missed you!" I joked and giggled as I kissed him softly.

"And I thought I was the one to miss you"

"So you didn't miss me?!" I gasped dramatically. Niall didn't say anything but kissed me passionately.

"Does that answer your question?" Niall smirked and made me giggle.

"Oh you!" I slapped him playfully.

"What you got here?" Niall asks as he grabs my hand with his bracelet that I made wrapped around my wrist.

"Is this mine?" He asked tracing his fingers around it. I nodded.

"I found it in your little secret box"

"You probably think I'm so old-fashioned that I kept them"

"I think it's adorable" I poked his nose and walked away.

"Harry asked about you.." Niall started as I stopped halfway to the room. This was it, I have to tell him in case someone else does.

"Niall I have something to tell you" I started as I walked closer to him.

"I know"

"what do you mean you know?" I asked suspiciously

"I can tell that you're hiding something from me and it's worrying me, now spill." Niall crosses his arms and gave me a serious look.

"Okay, yesterday when we finished baking the cupcakes and you took a shower, Harry and I sat on the couch while we waited for you and.. He kissed me.." I explained, worrying what he would say.

"...and I kissed him back". Niall didn't say a word but stared at me.

"But I promise you it didn't mean mean anything and I didn't mean anything for it to happen, I didn't even know it happened, it was fast and-". Before I could finish the sentence I was cut off with soft warm lips on mine until we both pulled apart. I raised an eyebrow as he weakly smiled.

"It's fine, I knew it would happen and I trust you" Niall said giving me a tight hug. I can tell that he's hurt and I feel so bad to see him hurt about it.

"S-so you're not mad??" I stuttered.

"A bit upset that it happened, but I trust you and I know it won't happen again" I smiled and hugged him as he hugged me back protectively. I loved it how he hugged me like that, it made me feel protected and safe one of the many great things I love about Niall, he would never give up on you. Niall and I both laid down on his bed as he cuddled me in his arm. I knew it was pretty selfish of me to just to let Niall forgive me so easily and I don't know how he can just forgive me just like that, maybe it's one of the perks of being Niall Horan and I loved it. I buried my head to his chest while he played with my hair and kissed the top my of head. Within minutes my lips were connected to his, then soon it started to get a little heated and Niall kissed me more roughly full of lust and jealousy as if he didn't want to let me go, he kiss was deeper and as we catch for air for breath, I stared into his eyes, they were darker, he gently pulled my chin and soon crashed his lips to mine, I grabbed a hold of his neck while he supported my back as I pulled him deepening the kiss. He started stripping his shirt off and took my singlet off leaving me with my bra on. Soon Niall started kissing my neck leaving trails of love bites along the side of my neck to my upper chest. I released a little moan as Niall kissed behind my earlobe, his hot breathe breathing in to my ear as whispers

"I love you Kristine" over and over again. His body hovering over mine as kissed down to my cleavage. He got up and fiddled with his belt and quickly took his pants off revealing only his boxers left and crawls back to me. This was it. I was ready. Niall's the one, I'm ready. 

***Niall's P.O.V****
I didn't know what came over me, since I found out what happened with Kristine and Harry I felt extra protective of her, and felt like I wanted to do it with her, I need to. I wanna be her first and last not anyone else. She's mine and always will. I'm ready, I've always been ready for her and I hope she is now too. I want to be her first and only. I connected my lips with hers once again as she grabbed a hold of my neck, I crawled my hand to her bra clip and slowly, gently, unclipped it. As I unclipped it, no sudden movement changed from Kristine, she didn't care that I just took her bra off of her and with this I knew she was ready. I slowly slid it off her body, her cheeks red as roses as she smiled but I could see the look in her eyes that she was a bit nervous. She pulled me slowly by the neck and we reunited our lips together, her hands tangling to parts of my hair while I kissed her more.

"I'll be gentle. I promise." I whispered in her ear and kissed softly. She nodded nervously and bit her lip with her nervous face and mouthed 'I love you' to me. I smiled at her, and I entwined my free hand with hers. Then with it. It happened. This time I was sure that she's mine.  


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