|| Everything About You || {Completed}

Trust. Love. Friendship. Jealousy. One sleepover can change the relationship between each other. A friendship that lasted for years and realizes that the two were both meant for each other after all. but what would you do when one gets in the way? Read to find out

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29. Everything About You

Chapter 28
- Everything About You -


-30 October 2013-

"Thank you so much for being such an amazing crowd Australia! Sadly this year's tour has come to an end. This year has been incredible for us and had been so much fun because of all of your amazing support and we would just like to thank you all for such amazing fans". Liam thanked the crowd while the fans scream loudly chanting the boys' names. 

"I guess it's time for us to say our byes now..." Harry paused. The crowd awed begging for an encore. 

"OR TIME FOR ONE MORE SONG!" Louis exclaimed excitedly through the microphone making the crowd scream. 

The music started to play while boys ran and dance like crazy across the stage having clapping in motion with the crowd. 

"This song is dedicated to my beautiful girlfriend backstage who's probably watching me from behind right now and giggling about my voice". Niall laughed and perfectly true while he quickly took a quick glance over at me and winked. The crowd screamed and awed at the same time leaving the rest of the band and members do the same filled with laughter while Niall continued. "Love you Princess!" 

As Niall finished Liam started singing the song. 

'You know I've always got your back girl
So let me be the one you come running to, running to, r-r-running
I said it's just matter of fact girl
You just call my name
I'll be coming through, coming through, I'll be coming

On the other side of the world
It don't matter, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two, I'll be there in two
I still feel it every time
It's just something that you do
Now ask me why I want to'

The sound of the screaming fans screeched loudly throughout the whole arena as the boys sang the chorus and I being myself smiled and chuckled since I found out it was my favourite song. 

'It's everything about you, you, you
Everything that you do, do do
From the way that we touch baby
To the way that you kiss on me
It's everything about you, you, you
The way you make it feel, new, new, new
Like every party is just us two,
And there's nothing I could point to,
It's everything about you, you, you
Everything about you, you, you
It's everything that you do, do do
It's everything about you'

I screamed and cheered for the boys from backstage along with the crowd and felt myself blush when it came to Niall's part of the song. He ran right in front of me while the camera focused and him and sang his part in front of me. 

'Yes I like the way you smile with your eyes
Other guys see it but don't realize that it's my, my loving
There's something about your laugh that makes me want to have to
There's nothing funny so we laugh at n-n-nothing'

He winked and gave me a quick kiss before leaving as he finishes his part of the song, running back to the boys singing the rest of the song. 

As the song finished, the boys said their goodbyes and the tour was officially over. 


Watching them perform every time during the tour was absolutely the best thing that ever happened to me. Despite the fact that I had to be away from my mom and school, I got to spend the whole year with my perfect boyfriend ever. The tour is over and has been incredible and the best year of my life. The boys and I have grown than ever and treat them like family which was the best part of being with them. 

The boys left for their break while Niall and I stayed for two weeks in Queensland to spend time with each other and flew back to Mullingar to visit his family for his break and for me to return back home. 

Still Niall and I spent more quality time together before he leaves for they're 2014 tour. 

As of Harry, well let's just say he's moved on very and found himself his special girl that we had never expected from a special place where I'm most proudly to call 'home'. 

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