|| Everything About You || {Completed}

Trust. Love. Friendship. Jealousy. One sleepover can change the relationship between each other. A friendship that lasted for years and realizes that the two were both meant for each other after all. but what would you do when one gets in the way? Read to find out

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25. Dinner Gone Wrong...

Chapter 25

- Dinner Gone Wrong -


****Kristine's P.O.V****
As I turned around on to the squishy but comfortable pillow, a bright light shone through my closed eyes feeling the heat from the sunlight through the window that made my eyes open. I felt arms protectively wrapped around my waist then I remembered last night. My cheeks burning red as I thought about what had happened last night. The way Niall kissed my neck trailing purple red marks, the way he gently kissed my lips whispering 'I love you' every time he leant against my ear. I smiled as I remembered each part. Niall must've felt me awake because he pulled me closer to him. I could feel his hot breath breathing against the back of my neck.

"Morning Princess" Niall whispers in my ear sending me tingles. I giggled and cuddled his hand around my waist.

"We should get up" I teased, Niall whimpered like a puppy. "

Noooooooo I wanna stay here and cuddle with my princess!!" Niall whined. I giggled as he starts kissing my neck.

"Oh Niall, staph it! It's ticklish!" I giggled crawling away from Niall teasing him more.

"Where do you think you're going" Niall smirked. I squealed as he pulled me quickly and spun me around facing him, Niall smiled cutely and kissed my nose then kissed me passionately.

"Thank you." I whispered while I lye down on his chest.

"For what love?" Niall mumbles with his lips on top of my forehead while playing with my hair.

"Y'know, for last night.." I trailed off and smiled up at him. His blue eyes back to its normal happy colour.

"I love you" Niall whispers and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"Breakfast?" I asks out of the blue and Niall laughed, knowing Niall he would always agree on food.

"SHOTGUN!" Niall shouted and hurried to the bathroom first. Silly boy. I grabbed my clothes and dressed quickly. I grabbed my phone like I always do in case my best friend or someone calls or texts before going down to the kitchen. Hmm pancakes it is. I grabbed the pan, the pancake mix and the other things I needed before starting to cook.

Suddenly the doorbell rang, Niall was still in the shower so I quickly answered the door. As I open the door Harry's face lit up in a smile,

"Harry? What are you doing here so early?" I asked suspiciously.

"Came to visit and to let you guys know that we're going to Lou's for dinner altogether before the tour starts, which is like in two days". Harry replied.

"Ohh ok, I'll let Niall know, we'll be there, thanks." Harry gave me a smile and nodded before leaving. I closed the door quietly and walked back to the kitchen. My palms were sweating. What the hell? Why am I feeling this way... Somewhat scared? What the hell? I had Niall, and Niall was all I could think of, no more Harry Kristine. No more. 

"Hello princess." Niall creeped up behind me and hugged me which startled me.

"You ok?" Niall asked curiously, I nodded and continued making the pancaked.

"Oh by the way, Harry stopped by, he wanted to let us know that we're having dinner and Louis' house tonight". I stated.

"Okay cool, I guess we'll just drive there tonight then" Niall said with his arms still wrapped around my waist which I found very comfortable.

"No we'll fly there!" I sarcastically joked. Niall laughed.

"Here I'll take over" Niall grabbed the spatula or whatever it was called for the pancakes from my hands.

"Thanks, I'll be back, I'm gonna hit the shower"

"hurry back..." Niall smirked and raised his eyebrows playfully. I ran to the bathroom quickly and hopped into the shower. 

****Niall's P.O.V****
Oh gosh. I'm such a bad cook. I grabbed the burnt pancake and placed it on to the plate then poured some pancake mix to the pan again. While I waited for the pancake to cook, I heard Kristine's phone ringing on the kitchen bench. I didn't wanna answer it because it was her phone but when I saw the caller ID, anger and jealousy rushed through me. It was Harry. I grabbed the phone and swiped 'answer' but didn't say a word.

"Kristine, thank you for answering, I should've just told you when I stopped by but I just couldn't because it just made me distracted when I looked at how cute you were, I know this is really wrong and I'm being such a terrible friend to Niall but I really.... I really really like you." Harry said. I didn't answer because he would find out it was me. I got angry in words I can't explain. Cute? I'm the only one that can call my princess cute. I know I'm being over exaggerated but she's my girlfriend now, my princess and he should know that.

"Hello? Kristine? Are you there?" Harry asked through the phone. I couldn't hear his voice again, not right now I'm too mad and don't know what I could say to him. I pressed 'end' and placed the phone back on the kitchen bench. The fire alarm started beeping then I snapped out of my thoughts and remembered the pancakes. I turned the pan off and took the burnt pancake out again.

"Niall?!?! Oh my gosh! Are you ok there?!" Kristine yelled out before running up to me.

"Yeah, I-I'm fine..." I said in low voice.

"You're such a bad cook." Kristine joked. I managed to pull a weak smile on and Kristine pecks my lips which I turned into a full passionate kiss and embraced her tightly.

"Someone's being romantic.." Kristine joked and hugged me back and gives me a quick kiss again on the lips before taking to plate of pancakes to the table.

"Now pancakes!" 

A few hours later we finished and just cuddled on the couch. I had my arms around her protectively and she noticed after a while but she didn't mind. Then I heard her phone ring again.

"Hang on, I'll just grab my phone". Kristine jumped out of my arms and grabbed her phone from the kitchen bench. I hope it's not Harry again. I could feel myself panic. She quickly answered the phone and jumped back in my arms.

"IT'S LORELEY!!" Kristine said excitedly. I sighed in relief knowing that it's someone else. Thank you Loreley.

"You wanna talk to "blondie"? he's right next to me" Kristine passed the phone to me only seconds hearing Loreley screaming through the phone.

"BLONDIEEEEE!" I laughed at her voice while I replied.

"LORELEY!" We chatted for a while before handing it back to Kristine until they finished their conversation. I swear those two could go on forever, two hours of chatting. Girls. As they finished it was only half an hour left till we have to meet up with the boys. I had to keep it cool, I don't want Kristine worrying about me while Harry's there with us.

"I'm just gonna go dress up k?" I nodded at Kristine before she left to her room. I sat there for a while staring at her phone, then grabbed it and dialled Loreley. Luckily she answered.

"Gurl I was just about to grab a cheeseburger... Just kidding, what's up?"

"Hey Loreley, it's me Niall..."

"Blondie! Heya, I need to ask you something.. Have you actually done it with Kristine...?!? Because she keeps denying me, it's so annoying" she asked excitedly.

"Haha, yep. It was the best." I answered, Loreley screamed through the phone, I chuckled at her reaction.

"Wow. You guys ARE meant to be, I knew this day would come. So anyways ..."

"Loreley I need to tell you something."

"Okay go ahead".

"Harry called Kristine..."

"THAT SUCK UP?! Well I call him that coz he's sucking up to Kristine." Loreley interrupted but me smile a bit.

"Yea, he called but he didn't know it was me who answered.."

"And what'd he say?"

"He confessed about his feelings about Kristine.... Now I don't know if I should talk to him about it and Kristine, wh-" I stuttered.

"Okay calm down. First he's an ass, second just stay calm, it'll be alright, Kristine would never hurt you and I know you'd do the same, Kristine loves you okay? Just remember that." I sighed and smiled. I believed Loreley and I know I could trust them both.


"Or I could fly there and sort this shit out." Loreley joked and I laughed. 

*later that night*

****Kristine's P.O.V***
Dessert. Yum! We just finished dinner and I gotta say it was delicious! Louis and Harry were joking around on the table while Eleanor and Perrie were chatting. Liam, Zayn and I were chatting while eating our dessert with Niall hugged behind me with his chin on my shoulder.

"Ooooooh Niall's getting it tonight!" Louis smirked at both me and Niall. Niall and I laughed, Louis and the rest of the boys had confused face. I felt myself blushing, Perrie and Eleanor gave the o-m-g look and giggled.

"Wait. You guys. Already?!" Louis called out loud. Niall smirked at him. The boys were all whistling and making fun of me and Niall while Harry sat still.

"How was it?!" Zayn joked. My eyes became wide and I could feel my cheeks burn.

"It. Was. AMAZING." Niall happily said in front of the boys, I gasped and slapped his shoulder playfully.

"You weren't meant to say anything in front of them?!"

"What? Can't I tell them how thankful I am that you're finally MY princess??" I smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Yeah I don't think it was pretty mature of you to just spill that to all of us." Harry said out of nowhere. The boys and the girls suddenly stopped talking and everything was silent.

"I was only joking Haz...? Plus you guys are my close mates so I thought it'd be fine to share." Niall answered. No please don't start.

"You mean "brag" about your fun-night". Harry said under his breath. Is he joking right now? What the hell.

"Haz stop." Louis whispered.

"What?! I'm just saying" Harry answered back.

"WHAT THE HELL HARRY?! If you're jealous just say it! You could've just announced to everyone that you like my girlfriend instead of saying shit in front of us!" Harry's eyes widened and the boys' faces went blank. No. No. This isn't happening. 

"What's going on..?" I asked curiously.

"ANSWER ME!" I yelled out. I was confused. Niall's been acting really different since this morning and I was just so mad to take it.

"Niall! What's going on?! We promised each other no more keeping things from each other! Answer me?! Harry! Both of you, I've had enough of this please!" I shouted and slammed the table standing up. Liam sat me down and comforted me but it just wasn't working.

"No Liam! Let go of me! I've had enough of both of you being like this! Niall I know you're hiding something! Spill!" Niall and Harry's face both went blank, no words were spoken. I walked out of the dining, the girls followed me as I walked out the door.

"Kristine! Wait up" Perrie yelled and followed beside me along with Eleanor.

"I don't know how to deal with them Per... I love them both, Niall's my everything, Harry and I have gotten so close and now it's wrecking both of them... I just want this to end from them two because I don't wanna be the reason that they're like this..." I cried, Perrie and Eleanor's arms around me, comforting me. 

****Niall's P.O.V****
I just hurt her. The boys stayed quiet. This has been the worst dinner ever.

"I answered the phone...." I confessed. I looked up to see Harry's face shocked with a tear down his cheek.

"I'm sorry Niall, I didn't mean to get in to your relationship. This is all my fault." Harry cried out, Louis comforted him. I didn't say anything. I was too hurt yet felt so bad that I've just ruined this night for all of us. I shouldn't have said anything, I should've just stayed quiet and trusted Kristine.

"No, don't. This is my fault.. I shouldn't have said anything."

"It's no one's fault boys. But what's important is that you tell this to Kristine. Sort it out together, you guys need to talk to her. None of us want her hurt. Alright?" Liam advices us. Harry and I nodded. We both stood up from the table.

"I'm sorry mate." Harry said giving me a brotherly hug.

"I'm sorry too bro." I said.

"Now let's go look for Kristine and the girls before they go to far..." 

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