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Trust. Love. Friendship. Jealousy. One sleepover can change the relationship between each other. A friendship that lasted for years and realizes that the two were both meant for each other after all. but what would you do when one gets in the way? Read to find out

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23. Chapter 23 ~ Girl Talk...

Chapter 23 

- Girl Talk - 


****Kristine's P.O.V****

"Babe I'm leaving soon, are you sure you still don't wanna come?" Niall yelled from the bathroom fixing his hair so it was easier for Lou their styler to fix it, while I stayed sat on Niall's bed.

"I'll be fine." Niall came out all dressed up and ready to go, he looked so handsome.

"I'll miss you tonight." he pulled me and and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Aww baby I'll miss you too, it's only tonight, I'll see you when you get home" I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his cheek.

"Goodnight kiss?" Niall smirked, I blushed as he leant in for my lips. He planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"That should last for the night" he whispers in my war sending tingles down my spine and butterflies in my stomach. I blushed as Niall kissed my earlobe after whispering in my ear. Soon after I felt a vibrate on my thigh from Niall's pants.

"Niall, your phone's vibrating" I said taking my hands off his neck and slipping them in my pockets. Niall raised an eyebrow and smirked thinking of it the wrong way.

"Niall?!" I slapped his arm as he chuckled. He quickly answered the phone and soon hung up.

"It was Louis, I gotta go meet up with the boys, I'll see you later tonight k?"

"Yea." He gave me a quick kiss before saying "I love you". 

****Niall's P.O.V****

*At the Brit awards* 

"Hey boys" I greeted all the boys and the all did the same. I really wished Kristine was here with me but I can't push her, I'm just not sure why, she said that she was feeling sick but something was tellin' me there's something wrong.

"Hey how's Kristine?" Harry asked. Why would Harry be so worried about Kristine? Since we started going out he became so clingy to her. No maybe it's just me.

"Uh, yeah she's at home, a bit sick" 

"Oh ok cool, did she say anything else? I texted her but she hasn't replied". Texted? She never told me anything about a text, normally she tells me especially if it was from the boys. "

Text? She never mentioned it... Why?"

"Oh... Just wondering" Harry says running his hands through his hair.

"Come on boys stop the chattin', I still need to fix your hair Niall" Lou butted in I nodded at Harry and followed Lou's direction. 

****Kristine's P.O.V****

Hmmm... What to do. I just realised how much stuff Niall's got here. Boys, crazy to live with but you'll love them. I laughed at the thought of that, just casually talking to myself.

I walked in to Niall's bedroom, his room contained a lot of stuff like his favourite guitars, playstation obviously, a lot of games and movies. I find it fun looking through Niall's stuff, it gave me interests and Niall never minds whenever I go to his room, it's like our thing.

I sat on his bed and looked around until I spotted a small wooden box on his bedside table. Hmm this is interesting, I was so tempted to look at it.

I grabbed it and slowly opened it. I smiled as I open it to see all the little things I've given to Niall from our childhood. The bracelet I made for him when I was five or six, it was black and green and was really small.

I felt my cheeks go red as I picked up more stuff that contained in it. The memories rushing back in my head, even the old clover sticker I gave him was stuck here. I grabbed the box and brought it with me to my room, it's amazing how he kept all these little things I've given him, I thought it was only me but just this made me happy by a split second.

I grabbed my laptop and logged on to Skype to see if my friends back from Mullingar are online. I continued looking through the box while a sound pops up from the computer.

It was my best friend, girl best friend after I met Niall. Her name's Loreley and she's like my sister that I've ever wished for because I didn't have any siblings, Niall and Loreley were part of my family and me. Can't live without them. 

Skype chat:
Loreley: 'Greetings earthling.'  
Me: 'hahah Hey! I miss you so much!'
Loreley: 'me too! Video chat?!' I slightly laughed at her message imagining her saying it. 
Me: 'Yes!' 

The video call started ringing and I quickly answered. As it connected, her face popped up, excited, surprised and happy about something.

"What..? Is there something on my face?"

"No, you look different... Something's different about you..." I gave a her a confused look and soon enough her serious face bursts into laughter. I know right. She's such a good actor. One look can fool you for the rest of the day!

"Just joking! Haha, so how's mr lover boy?" Loreley smirked and made me blush.

"Aw! Come on! Spill! I haven't seen you both in ages! We haven't had our girl talk in like forever! woah i sounded too girly but anyways! Spill! Is he a good kisser?" I got surprised, my eyes widened and my cheeks have turned really red as she asked me.

"Loreley?!?!" Again she burst out laughing and gave me a smirking face. I loved her laugh, one of the many things I love about my best friends, their laughs.

"What you got there?" Loreley asks suspiciously as she tried to peek through the small camera until she noticed.

"OH MY GOSH! Is that the bracelet you gave to Niall when you had a crush on him in year eight?" Loreley exclaimed with laughter. I nodded and blushed.

"He still has it?!"

"Yeah, along with all these other stuff I've given him when we were younger."

"Wow that's deep. Hahaha you guys are just meant to be, I could just cry." Loreley said in a dramatic crying voice. I giggled but my mood changed as Harry's face pops in my head for some odd reason.

"What's wrong?" Loreley said worried.

"I have something to tell you but you can't tell anyone else and I don't know how Niall could take it."

"Tell me, who do I have to kill?"

"Harry kissed me..." Loreley's mouth dropped and stared at me blankly.

"HOLD UP! You mean Harry, Harry? As in Harry Styles?!"

"No! Harry Potter!" I said sarcastically.

"Yes Harry Styles."

"That's it! I'm coming there, you wait, he would have to go through surgery just to get my foot out of his butt if I have to go through this to save you and Niall!"

"No wait Loreley... I know it was stupid of me but I kissed him back." Again her mouth dropped but then she calmed down.

"I didn't mean it though I swear, the kiss meant nothing to me, it went really quick that i didn't even know it was happening. I love Niall and only Niall and I just don't know how I'm gonna tell him. And I don't want them fighting because of me. Please help me."

"Okay first, I believe you and right now I would give you the biggest bear hug but I can't because you're on the other side of the computer screen, secondly I will kill Harry!" I laughed as a tear falls runs down my cheek.

"I'm sure Niall will understand and believe you, just tell him what happened I'm pretty sure you guys will work it out." I smiled and pretended to air hug her as she did the same and we both laughed at the same time.

"Or! There's always plan B, you could always pack your bags and we can move to Mexico!" I laughed at Loreley's joke and shook my head.

"Haha, no I'm just kidding. I gotta go, mum's coming and she thinks I'm asleep. Goodbye my love!"

"Haha say hi for me! Bye!"

"Ok! Say hi to blondie for me!" Blondie, meaning Niall our nickname for him when we were younger.

 "hahah ok!" I hung up and turned my laptop off and placed it to the side.

Okay this is it Kristine, you can tell him, how bad could it be, he won't get mad and lock himself in the room again like before right..

I wish it doesn't happen, I hate hurting Niall, I could never hurt him, never. 

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