|| Everything About You || {Completed}

Trust. Love. Friendship. Jealousy. One sleepover can change the relationship between each other. A friendship that lasted for years and realizes that the two were both meant for each other after all. but what would you do when one gets in the way? Read to find out

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15. Chapter 15 ~ Surprise!

Chapter 15 

- Surprise! - 


****Liam's P.O.V****

One Way or Another charity single is out! Kristine and Niall made up! Can this day get any better?

My phone started to ring, I grabbed it and quickly answered.

"Hey liam, you home?" Harry asked.

"Yeah why?"

"I'm at the front door." We both hung up as I opened the door for him, he still had that worried look from the day Niall and Kristine were fighting. Why did he suddenly care about her? Hmm.

He sat down on the sofa fiddling with his phone. I sat next to him.

"The single is finally out!" I said happily sitting next to him. He weakly smile and nodded.

"Come on mate what's bothering you?" I elbowed him.

"She won't pick her phone up." he said under his breath.

"Who? Kristine?"

"Yes! Im starting to think she hates me because of the kiss." He was still bugged about the kiss? That kiss must've been really good then.

"I'm sure she's just busy, and since when did you care that she ever call you?" He brushed his hands through his hair.

"uhm. I... I... Nothing dont worry." Harry stuttered.

"VAS HAPPENIN'!" Zayn and Louis barged in. Louis flopped down next to me and Harry and took his phone out on twitter. Zayn sat in the armchair. We all sat there for a few minutes on twitter.

"Surprise!" Niall barged it later on with Kristine behind him.

"Niall!" Louis playfully hugged Niall and Kristine.

"Someone's finally happy!" Zayn commented. Niall laughed. Harry stood up and finally made up with Niall. He hugged Kristine and the boys' faces lit up, wide eyes even Kristine once he let go, Kristine froze and the boys started chuckling.

"What just happened?" Kristine asked. Niall laughed even more.

Harry suddenly got confused.

"Mr. Curly hugged me?" Kristine joked.

"Well he better be careful sometimes 'cos I might get jelly." Niall said grabbing Kristine shoulder. I smiled expecting they would say what I was thinking. Louis, Hary and Zayn suddenly had one of their eyebrows up.

"Why?" I smirked.

****Kristine's P.O.V****

I blushed as I felt Niall's hands placed my shoulder.

"Why?" Liam smirked. Niall looked down at me cheekily smiling.

"Should I tell them?" Niall smirked.

"Tell us what?!" Louis surprisingly asked. Niall kept cheekily smiling, he ran his hand down my arms to my hand until he entwined his fingers with mine. We connected our foreheads together and I got lost in his blue eyes once again. He half smiled and kissed my nose. I giggled and just couldn't take my eyes off him.

"Wait wait wait, you two? Dating?" Zayn asked pointing us with two fingers. We didn't say anything but smiled at their reaction.

"Awwwwwww!" Louis and Zayn awed and squeezed us together. We laughed and all pulled apart.

"So what are you guys gonna do now?" Harry asked.

"What do you mean? I got confused.

"He means, are you guys going to keep it as a secret or public?" Liam clearly stated. Honestly, I didn't actually mind going public. I don't wanna make it hard for Niall to keep it as a secret.

"What do you think Kristine? Should we keep it as a secret or public?"

"I don't mind going public." I assured him.

"But you'll know the consequences that could happen right? I don't want you to get hurt." I knew the consequences and I'm ready for them.

"I know Niall I'm ready for them and whatever happens I will never leave you." I assured him and gave him a light peck on the lips. The boys awed and made me blush.


We've been dating for 2 days now but nothing has change, Niall was still my annoying, adorable best friend with a little kissing action and I loved it this way and I hope it stays like this forever. <3

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