Moment in time

This story about the first moments with my friend Mary that we met Zayn, Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam. And have quality time together.


1. Miraculous

On my way to look my account in facebook, I saw a contest going on that 2 one directioners are going to have a day with one direction in person. When I saw that I scream out my lungs and my dad went upstairs and came to my room " WHAT HAPPENED?!" he said " Oh, nothing" I answered. He went downstairs with me on my room.

I continued to read the description and said that " To join the contest you must create a song with your friend in helping you to make your song and you can make your title in any words you want. And send your song to us in via facebook or twitter and the deadline is on February 10".

I looked at the calendar and today was February 2. I started already on the first verse and the coda. I send the message to my friend Mary, that she will make the second verse and the chorus. And the next day we meet at the park and we decide on what title it's going to be.

And I can't believe that it was a perfect match for our song and decided to call it "MIRACLE". I type all the lyrics to my laptop and I send to the website that was written to the description and send it.

After that week they announced the winner in the Internet and we win. I was so happy that I do the happy dance and I told Mary that we win the contest, she was so thrilled that she jumped up and down 10 times. And they said it is going to do it on valentines day.

The next 4 days is valentines day so we waited until valentines day. And when we were there we saw them in person and we screamed and fainted. After 30 minutes, we woke up and realize that Zayn and Niall was beside me and Harry and Louis is beside Mary. I said "What happened?" in a sleepishly sound. "You fainted when you saw us for 30 minutes" Zayn said to me. After that happened we get to know each other more, ask questions and hang out and give each other phone number. After that we go home.

The next day Zayn texted me that if we would hang out and go on to the movies on Saturday and I said that we love to go and hang out. After four months, me and Zayn are now boyfriend and girlfriend and also Mary and Harry. This will turn to be a perfect relationship....
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