Dear Romeo

A poem about a girl who writes letters to the boy she loves.. Love, obsession, passion, hurt..


1. Dear Romeo..

She once wrote letters to a guy she knew

She never mailed any of those

She kept the those letters in a box of things she wanted to do

She said all the things she wanted to say

He never knew of her though

She was just a lurking shadow

She loved him

But no one knew

She said, "Romeo, Romeo my love is true"


She let her heart consume everything of her

Days of gold, turning white and then red

He never knew someone loved him so much

She just hushed and kept it to her.

Ignorance pushed her further

She poured her heart on pages

But he didn't even care

Her hands covered in red

She wrote and wrote and just wrote

She said, "Romeo, Romeo I can't wait forever"


She started to fade away slowly

Wrote her life, her pitiful soul on paper

She saw him everyday

But he never saw anything of her

She lost herself every now and then

Trying to be someone else she could never be

She cried and cried and soon there weren't enough tears

She said, "Oh Romeo, don't you know me?"


She just wasted her time, letting him know

She failed, she had enough

Her writing just slowed down

She realized waiting for his love was pointless

It wasn't only her heart that he took, now, her life will end

In the last letter she wrote, started with a heartbreaking 'hello'

She made sure that it'd be sent

Her last words were, "Romeo, Romeo, I'm letting go"



Author's Note! :)

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Much Love :) x

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