Memories come flooding back of how you kissed me and made my heart skip beats. You used to steal my breath away and you still do.. I've realized still love you.. *sigh*


1. Breathing

I flick a glance at you
See you stare into space
All of our memories
Come flooding back with haste
It all started with a simple 'Hello'
And ended with a heart breaking 'Goodbye'
I thought we were destined in the stars
You being my first and my last
The moment I laid my eyes on you
I could feel you stealing my heart..
We don't talk to each other now
Maybe because you have moved on
But I am stuck in the past
Everything plays on repeat
Of how you used to steal kisses
And make my heart melt
Of how you said we should end it
The way you left me, unsaid
I look at you again
You seem happy in your own world
I wish I was with you
Through thick and thin
My mind wanders off to our old days
Our fingers interwined
Smile on the faces
My eyes are tearing up now
I flick another glance at you
You are looking back at me?
You quickly take your eyes back
My orbs are fully brimmed with tears
Ready to spill any moment
My heart still beats for you
It is still aching for you

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