Nialler's Bestfriend Not Forever

Niall and Lilly have been best friends FOREVER and now Niall wants to change that FOREVER. Niall and Lilly go through everything together but then the X Factor audition comes and they get separated. Separating the inseparable.


3. Perfect Dates and Lazy Days

Lilly's P.O.V.

   It was time, I had to go on my date, I have to admit I did have a crush on him before...and I can't wait! I'm not doing this to get Niall jealous but to get over him a little. He was my everything until he started acting weird, that's not like him. I missed the old us and how we used to be inseparable, what happened? Niall got a girlfriend, that wasn't me. Well I was ready in my clothes. I put a black snapback on while I let my straight hair rome on my back, shoulder and chest. I just sat waiting until I hard the doorbell ring, I figured it was Troy but I was wrong. It was Niall.

   "Niall?" He looked sad. "Hey." He said "What's wrong?" "Oh, nothing, can I come in?" He said while I looked at the clock I still had half an hour left so I let him in. "Sure" He came and we sat down. "So, um I wanted to tell you, I have a girlfriend." He said not looking at me, I ALREADY KNOW, IT'S MY BULLY!!! I wanted to scream at him. "Yea, I found out.....and who it is." I said STILL surprised he's dating Ashley, all the girls he could have in school, he had to chose one of the stuck up, bully, cheerleaders. "Oh, really?" He asked quite surprised. "Yea, let's just say, the school cafeteria.... not the best place to make out." I said standing up and patting his head with his cheeks blushing. I left to get water cause I couldn't stay in there, suddenly the doorbell rang. DON'T BE TROY, SON'T BE TROY, DON'T BE TROY!! I said going to the door. Look who it is, Troy.

"Hey" He said happily. "Hi!" I said awkwardly. "Ready to go?" "Yup! Niall you can stay here if you want." I said looking at him, he looked crushed. "No, it's ok...I have to go soon, Ash wanted me to come over." ASH, HER NICKNAME GOSH! "Ash as in Ashley as in Ashley Picker?" I said trying to act surprised and that SHE ISN'T MY BULLY!!!!! "Oh, umm yea, her" He said not looking me in the eyes, "Okay! Have fun!" I said trying to be enthusiastic, i'm a very good liar and actor, that's why i'm taking acting classes. Niall left the house, so I locked it up and left with Troy to where he was taking me, which I still don't know. "Hey, Where are you taking me anyways?" "Somewhere you haven't been before." Are ou sure about that?" Niall took me everywhere, AGAIN WITH THE NIALL! "Yup!" "Okay then"

   We finally arrived at a meadow, "WOW! I certainly haven't been here before!" I said still amazed. "I told you." "This place is beautiful!" I said still amazed! "I know I picked it out for you and me only." He said proudly "Awwww thanks" I said while smiling like an idiot. We sat down and he brought a picnic basket and we had a picnic, everything was going perfectly. It was getting dark and I didn't want this to end, truthfully.We laid down looking at the stars. He sat down and I sat up too, the look of confusion spread along my face. "I want to ask you something. "What is it?" I asked "I want you to be mine." He said that shocked me but then he leaned in and I leaned in and he kissed me! OMG MY CRUSH KISSED ME, NOT ON THE CHEEK, THE FOREHEAD BUT ON THE LIPS.!!! "Yes." I said while he looked surprised I kissed him again! It was going all good, or attest that's what I thought. "You wanna come hover to my house for a while?" I asked, I wanted to spend some time with him and get to know him a little better. "Sure." he said happily. We packed up and left.


Niall's P.O.V.

   When I say Troy by Lilly's door, I was jealous. I need to go with Ash, I know she's Lilly's bully, but Lilly seem fine with it, or at least I think so, I saw a little disbelief in her eyes, which usually shows when she lies. I had a lazy day with Ash, it was perfect, we sat down, ate and watched movies till the end of the night. I left home and saw Troy and Lilly outside of her house. I live right next door. I couldn't believe it, they were making out on the first step. I COULDN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE!

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