Nialler's Bestfriend Not Forever

Niall and Lilly have been best friends FOREVER and now Niall wants to change that FOREVER. Niall and Lilly go through everything together but then the X Factor audition comes and they get separated. Separating the inseparable.


4. Break Ups and Make Ups

The thing is i'm actaully working on wattpad and I haven't been on movellas for a long time so I was thinking maybe i'll go back and update this, enjoy :D follow me on twitter for more information on my new updates :D @YEAAABUDDDY


 ~Lilly's P.O.V.~

   I had just made-out with Troy, NO WAY! since Niall is truly not interested and with Ashley i'm going to lay off and move on. He seems very distant ever since he 'got together' with Ashley, but i guess it's not my business anymore since he won't talk to me anymore. He cut everything off with me, I tried texting him but I guess he just doesn't want to talk to me anymore so I won't talk to him anymore. 

   I was headed to school it was Monday again today, uggh, meaning I would see Niall again, I should be happy but it's so hard to look at him without thinking that he hates me, why? I want someone to answer me, WHY!!!???! I got ready in and left for school, a lot of people think I have good style, I kind of think it's slutty but i'm still a virgin soooooo i'm not a slut. I arrived at school and tok my iPhone out and checked my messages just in case Niall decided to talk to me. I don't think he would but a girl could have hope. There were no new messages displayed in my inbox so I closed my phone and headed towards the entrance of school. I looked around my school just noticing everyone, checking if anyone of my friends were up front but they weren't, they were probably at they're lockers which were near by mine. 


  As I was looking around I saw Niall and Ashley, Ashley was practically shoving her tongue down his throat yet he seemed a little discomforted. I looked away tears brimming my eyes at the sight of that. He was probably ignoring me because of Ashley, I couldn't believe that he couldn't see my discomfort. I walked past them as I was entering the school but was stopped by a familiar voice. I was caught off guard and looked to my right. Niall was looking at me and Ashley was looking me up and down in disgust just trying to shove her tongue in Niall's mouth again.


 "Hey Lilly!" He said cheerfully. I just looked at him like he was just out of his mind, he doesn't text or talk to me and then randomly he just says hi at school, what game is he playing? I just looked at him, disappointment covering my features and left to go inside the school without looking back. What is he doing?


   I got to my locker and saw, Katie and Jamie.


"Hey!" They said. 
"We were waiting for you" Katie said, I gave her a half-hearted smile and put my combination on my lock and opened my book. Katie and Jamie looked confused and sad because i'm usually happy and giddy because I usually have a laugh with Niall before hand and stuff. I slam my locker shut with all my necessary stuff I needed for school and turned my gaze to Katie and Jamie who looked at each other then back at me. They knew when not to push my limits with stuff so they left me alone for a little while.


"Okay, time's up. I'm tired of you not annoying me to death with your little laugh. What's going on Lily?" Jamie asked, clearly thinking my laugh is annoying.


"Nothing." I mumbled hoping my class would come soon. I didn't have my first period with them so I was safe for a while. I had 4 out of 6 periods with them and had the same lunch so I won't have much luck escaping today.



"I don't know what you're talking about.... OH! Here's my class! Bye!" I said quickly as soon as my class was near my sight. I ran to the room but slowing down before I reached the classroom. I slipped inside quietly and found a random seat. I saw just playing with my pencil and notebook when Niall walked into the room, I literally forgot that we had all of our classes together.


   He sat down beside me and I tried to not notice him sitting there beside me. I played with my pencil jut drawing in my notebook acting as if I didn't see him in same place. Class went by really slowly because Niall kept staring at me. As soon as the bell rang I stood up a long wit everyone else. But Niall grabbed my wrist making me stay. I couldn't stand to look at him, his electric blue eyes so I stared at his hand on my wrist. 


"Lily, talk to me" He spoke soft trying to get me to look at him by moving arm around his gaze, I just changed my gaze to the ground but that's what frustrated him. He pulled his hand under my chin making me look at him, he didn't in the most hard way. 


"WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU!" I screamed at him, looking at his eyes not giving a damn. That really hurt. His eyes softened.


"I-i'm so-" Niall started but I cut him off, completely angry at why he would do such a thing.

"I don't care, go and f*cking snog with Ashley, I'm f*cking out of here, out of your damn life because I know that's what you wanted." I yelled breaking the gaze and pulling myself out of his hold and I left the classroom. 

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