Nialler's Bestfriend Not Forever

Niall and Lilly have been best friends FOREVER and now Niall wants to change that FOREVER. Niall and Lilly go through everything together but then the X Factor audition comes and they get separated. Separating the inseparable.


2. Best Friends With Complications

Me and Nialler have the same birthday and interests, weird right? WRONG! we have been inseparable and we enjoy all our time together. We love to hang out at each other's houses, even at school nights. We always have it our way and since Nialler is popular he hardly hangs out with me at school but hey it's not entirely his fault, now is it? You can't help it, Nialler's hot! OMG WHAT DID I JUST SAY I MENTALLY JUST SLAPPED MYSELF SILLY! Nialler ONLY sees me as his best friend and I guess I should be ok with it.

Nialler's P.O.V.

"Hey Nialler!" Lilly came up to me. "Hey!" I said back. Oh gosh, I was staring at her, her beautiful hair that flows down and her electric blue eyes that make me fall in love every time I see them. NIALL SNAP OUT OF IT! SHE ONLY SEES YOU AS A FRIEND, you have NO chance. She was blushing.

"Oh... umm, I gotta go.....erm.. se you at lunch?" I asked nervously still embarrassed, she looked upset I cancelled our plans from yesterday because I had to go to soccer practice and TOTALLY forgot! "Erm...Ok?" I guess, are you still coming today?" OH, NO I FORGOT I HAVE ANOTHER SOCCER PRACTICE! YIKES. "Um... I have a soccer practice again, sorry." "I understand." Was the last thing she said before walking away upset. The truth is i'm not going to soccer practice i'm going to find a girl to get my mind off of Lilly for a while because I can't help myself.


Lilly's P.O.V.

I was about to go find Nialler because we were suppose to hang out today but instead I found him making out with some girl, not just any girl but ti's the girl, meaning the gig that bullies me. NIALL KNOWS WHAT SHE'S DONE TO ME AND NOW HE'S KISSING HER! They finally break apart and I just left. Good thing he didn't notice but I knew she noticed. Well she'll be n this story a lot so i'll tell you her name, Ashley. I walk away not knowing what to do so I sat on a bench and just kayoed with my food till someone came up to me. Thankfully not Niall but another cute boy, his name was....Troy and he was in all my classes, he was blond too and had blue eyes, like the ocean. He sat down beside me and started talking to me. "Hey" he sad clearly noticing me upset. "Hi" I said lightly. What's wrong?" He asked, he was actually interested. "Nothing...just ........ life." I now how you feel.

"I know I met you but would you maybe like to go somewhere, like a date?" He asked nervously. The would be great to get my mind off of Nialler. "Ofcourse" I said happily and he sighed in relief. "I'll see you at 5?" "Sure" I said comfortable. I already know what to wear, my butterfly black and lime green top with my black glasses (yes, I wear glasses, DON'T JUDGE ME!), my lime green skinny jeans and black TOMS. Yes I LOVE lime green but more importantly lime green and clack together. 

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