Nialler's Bestfriend Not Forever

Niall and Lilly have been best friends FOREVER and now Niall wants to change that FOREVER. Niall and Lilly go through everything together but then the X Factor audition comes and they get separated. Separating the inseparable.


1. Intro.

   Lilly's P.O.V.

   Hi my name is Lilly, no one knows my full name but I dot want anyone to know. I have dirty blonde hair that is medium length and it dead straight. I'm 5'3 and my eyes are electric blue. I have 1 best friend. Niall Horan. He is my BEST FRIEND FOREVER!!! and I intend on keeping it that way! Niall is my only friend, he is the most popular guy in school yet he hangs out with me. Well actually we met at birth since are moms were BEST FRIENDS :). I have to admit I had a crush on Nialler but i doubt he like me back so I just gave up, he sees me nothing more than a best friend.

So now you know who I am. Let's get started.

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