Brianna is going through a rough time after her dad dies everyhting is going downhill but it all turns up when she starts dating a star


1. Bad News


Right now I'm at summer camp at lunch with all my besties "Ari your going home" one of the staff said so I threw away my trash and started walking to the front office I looked behind me to see if my friend Kelly and her brother were coming too because I went home together since we are neighbors "Just you" Kelly's mom said I nodded it was a awkward ride we turn on our street in the front of my house is a police car I grabbed my bag "This can't be good" I said getting out my grandma was on the driveway "I haven't told her anything" Kelly's mom said and now I notice my grandma is crying we walk in the house my mom is on the couch another thing is her bedroom door is closed I meet her on the couch "Hun your dad" but I know already so I start crying


"Stop giving me shit about Blake he's just a friend" my mom said it's only been a year and she is supposly "Hanging out" with him at the movies she's been acting strange she hides her phone when she is texting him "Isn't that what they all say" I muttered "Well I'll be home later" she said walking out "I'm out of Payphone trying to call home" my phone rang "Yup" I answered "Hey Ari" my friend Amanda says "Hey what's up" I asked "Oh I was wondering if you could give me a ride to the grocery store" she said "Yah be there in 5" I said grabbed my keys and drove to her house she got into the car "Hey hey hey" she said "Way to much hey for me" I started laughing so did Amanda soon we were there ''Hey can you go get me a carton of eggs please" she asked I nodded I was walking there I checked and found a carton but I accedetily ran into a person I could here the crack Dammit "I'm so sorry" I gasped I looked up to see a guy cleaning up everything "It's ok" he laughed we cleaned up then I realized I bumped into HARRY STYLES "I'm surprised you haven't screamed" he said "Oh I don't shout like crazed fans" I said "Thank you" he said sighing he stepped closer it felt like my heart was doing flips and it was dancing "You have a piece of eggshell in your hair" he said taking it out after that we got lost into eachothers eyes "Hey do we need.." I heard a irish accent "Nevermind" he left "We have to go papperazii are here" Louis said grabbing Harry but it was like he was glued to the floor "Harry" Louis said but nothing happend Louis got out a pen and paper "Here's his number" Louis said I took it and gave Harry a kiss on the cheek his eyes fluttered as I walked away

"Oooh" Amanda said I shoved her "Can we just leave" I asked she nodded

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