Hidden Away

When 13 year old Kimmy Stone goes missing, everyone believes it was Damen Rowling, a released prisoner, but could it be someone in her own home?...


2. The beatings

Kimmy walks up her small driveway up to the door. The door where bad things lie behind.
She knew once she got in there her dad would do some thing bad to her, and then make it her fault. Her parents didn't love her, to them she was just a slave.
She slowly opened the door, hoping her parents wouldn't hear.
"Kimmy!!!" Her dads voice booms in the empty house. She winced.
"I'm sorry daddy, I'm sorry!" She burst into tears.
"Don't give me that bullsh*t!" She heard her fathers footsteps get closer and closer. She didnt dare run, that would only get her killed.
"I'm sorry!" Her dad stood over her, obviousley drunk.
He raised his hand a slapped her across the face.
"You good-for-nothing witch."
Kimmy cried out in pain. Her father continued to beat her.
This was everyday life for Kimmy. And she can't tell anybody.
"I wish I had never help make you! I could be rich right now, but you suck all the money out of my wallet, without a single thanks!" Kimmy knew that wasn't true.
He never bought her anything. All of his money was spent on drugs and alcohol.
"I'm sorry daddy." She whispered.
"You better be!" He had a look in his eyes that was unforgettable. It was true hate in his eyes. True hate. And it was towards her.
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