Hidden Away

When 13 year old Kimmy Stone goes missing, everyone believes it was Damen Rowling, a released prisoner, but could it be someone in her own home?...


3. Problems begin

"Kimmy!" "Yes,Ma'm?" she replied, scared of what her mom might make her do. "Get in here!" her yelled, making her wince. She sounded angry. Kimmy walked to her moms room and opened the door. "Yes Ma'm?" "Your fathers angry." She glared at Kimmy with cold heartedness. He's always angry, she thought to herself. "What did you do Kimmy!?! Why do always have to mess sh*t up? Why can't you be dead?!?" Kimmys eyes widened. She was used to hearing her dad say that, but never her mom. She stared at her mom, tears brimming her eyes. "What do want?!?" her mom was clearly annoyed. Kimmy shook her head and ran. Out the door, down the street and towards Amanda's house. She had to get away from there, at least for a little while. She didnt care that she would be beat by her father, she just wanted to get away. She heard her mother yelling for her.

"You better get back here! Youll be sorry for leaving!"

She ignored her mothers rambling and kept running. She got to Amanda's house and franticly knocked on the door.

"Coming!" She heard her footsteps as she got closer to open the door.

"Kimmy?, What are you doing here, why are you crying?' She looks concerningly at her friend.

Kimmy shakes her head as if to say forget about it.

"Do you want to come inside?" Kimmy nods and Amanda lets her in.

"So what happened?"

Kimmy looked towards the floor.

"I don't want to talk about it..." Amanda nods.

Amanda looks at Kimmy, noticing the fear in her eyes.

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about it? I can help you."

Kimmy nods. "I'm sure, just know that im scared, there are problems begining at my house.

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