Not to be told

19 year old Ali is just a girl untill some suprizing thins hppen


3. eyes are ever ware

hey mom can I go to Emily's house!

"ok ali please don't go that party, we will ask Emilys parents to keep an eye on you two"

"ok mom"

"oh and if we hear that you went to that party we will get your ticket and hand you over to your unkal max."

ok I get it im leaving now"

I walk out the door and slammed it behind me. I walked onto our front lawn and jumped into my car and went to alis house when I got there it was around 5:30 so I walked up to emils door and befor I could nock the door swung open and a small tan arm pulled me into the house. EMILY! I screamed what im not supposed to bug my parents tonight there, um, busy, ya there busy. ok, any way lets get ready for the party. we walked into Emilys huge room. I walek into her bath room to get changed. I put on a short sleeve less blue dress and put on black fish hoke leggings. some  gold hoop earing's and a small gold neck less with tiny gold heart then I put on  some make up and tall pair off silver high heels I brushed my long curly brown hair and put a small diamond bobby pin in it. I was perfected I walked into Emilys room and I looked at Emily she was perfected too  she had a short purple dress on with black leggings on and black high heels we looked at each other and let out a small squeal. then we grabbed our purses and I put on a small white cardigan and lefed to the party.  

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