Not to be told

19 year old Ali is just a girl untill some suprizing thins hppen


1. party all night

ali, POV.


"well you are not going ali!"

"DAD, can you tell mom that i can go to the party!"

"sorry ail if your mom says no its a no from me to houny"


i stomped off into my room slaming the door behind me. oh hi my names Alicia everone calls me ali for short and i mean everone some times i thing abute legaly changeing it to ali. well if you are woudering what that was abut its sort of a long story, but ill make it short. so ther is this party my boyfriend host every year but my parents hate him so they never let me do any thing with him but who cares i snek off any way but the last time i snuk out i got coght so my parent bullted my windo shut and lock my door every night, not far so ther is no way out, unless i have a plan a good plan.


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