Mirrored Past

Hey! This is a Fan Fiction.
I don't want to give it all away so I will post a Prologue! Please enjoy I am so excited to write this book!! I hope it turns out good so please help me out with that by liking adding it to your favorites etc.
Thank you!:)


5. Niall!!!

How did they get the window open? Why do things like this happen to me?

"Stay here. We will take care of this." Niall said trying to convince me. 

"Naill no! Please!"I whispered.

Anne and Liam returned.

"Liam, Anne stay with her. Don't let her leave!" Niall instructed and went into my room and joined Harry and Louis.

Even though I had just met the boys I have become close. Niall is my brother, Harry is my boyfriend, Louis is my big brother and Zayn and Liam are my best friends. I can't loose them!!

Here I was sitting on the floor in Harry's room with Anne and Liam while my life is in the other room with the people that ruined my life.

I just want to laugh at how weird Louis was, I want to be with Zayn and just talk about life, I want to be laying in the grass with Niall and to be listening to his voice and to feel Harry's lips on mine.

I heard yelling from the next room and I got scared.

"Liam I need to do this! Please let me go!! I need to help them. If I am what they want they won't stop until they have what they want! I have to make this right.." I said while tears starting springing to my eyes.

"Please be careful Hun! The police will be here soon." Anne said hugging me.

"I will." With that I left the room and went to my room.

The door was open and I could see Zayn standing beside Harry and Niall. Mage was beside Rick.. Rick had a gun in his hand! Oh no!

Harry was telling them to leave and Rick was refusing.

"GO NOW!! The police are coming leave now!!!" Harry yelled louder and got in Rick's face.

Rick noticed. Crap! "Well well well. Look the little Bitch showed!"

"Leave her!" Niall spoke.

"Or what?" Rick said.

Niall punched him right in the face, Rick got so mad that he hit Niall ten times harder and Niall fell to the ground.

Zayn went to help Niall while Harry came and put me behind him.

"Oh look! They are in love!! Ha! I can fix that!" Rick said and pointed the gun to Harry.

"NO! You are here for me! Not them, leave them!" I said stepping out from behind Harry.

"Aw! Look she is standing up for him!!" Rick said. Just then he grabbed me and threw me to Mage.

"Ha! You thought you could leave!" Mage said."We have been watching you!! I guess this is your brother and boyfriend!"

"Not for long"Rick said and pointed the gun back at Harry.

Niall was back on his feet with the help of Zayn. His eye was red and starting to bruise.

We heard police sirens and soon Mage let go of me.

"Rick lets go!" She said.

"You go! I will finish these ones off." He replied.

He pulled the trigger and it went straight for Harry. Niall jumped infront of Harry and got the bullet to the stomach.

"Niall!!!" I screamed.

Then police and paramedics came in.

Rick was arrested and Niall was being taking care of.

I couldn't move or talk or breath.

I just stood frozen. Unable to do anything! My brother was shot and only because he tried to save the boy I loved.

Niall knew I loved Harry, I told him after dinner when we were talking and catching up. Now he may die. I know I should have hope, but I didn't!

"Miss. Is this your brother?" The paramedic lady asked.

I nodded.

"Sadly I have bad news on your brother.." She said walking over to me."He.."

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